Can You Play an Electric Acoustic Guitar without an Amp?

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Each electric guitarist needs an amplifier. The blending of guitar and amp has ruled well-known music for about 50 years and has made probably the greatest star musicians ever. Over the long haul, there’s essentially no trade for the different tonal choices and exact power over your guitar’s sound that a genuine amplifier gives you. Be that as it may, there are circumstances where guitarists might want to abandon an amp for an assortment of reasons.

In these cases, there are ways for you to play your electric guitar without an amp. While they probably won’t make your guitar sound very in the same class as it will through a committed amplifier, these methodologies can assist you with continuing to rehearse and improve regardless of whether you don’t approach an amp.

Why Play Without an Amp?

Amplifiers are the best thing around for electric guitars as far as sound — yet for every one of their positives, there are some significant disadvantages that can lead many players to skip them for elective arrangements. To start with, amplifiers are noisy (duh). Many guitarists love the additional volume, and all things considered — let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like to pound open harmonies before an eight-foot-tall heap of Marshall cupboards?

With the being stated, however, players who aren’t routinely sticking or playing gigs have little use for the stronger sound an amplifier puts out. Truth be told, in certain circumstances, that sound can really be an inconvenience. On the off chance that you live in an apartment or offer your living space with housemates, turning an amp up to rehearse each day just isn’t an alternative. The equivalent goes for guitarists who love to rehearse in the early morning or late around evening time when neighbors are dozing.

Amplifiers can likewise be costly, especially for new or learner guitarists. When purchasing your first arrangement of rigging, it very well may be hard to discover space for an amp in a strict spending plan — and regardless of whether you can stand to purchase an amp, in many cases, you’ll need to settle on the nature of both that amp and your new guitar so as to buy both without using up every last cent.

Many new guitarists basically learn on a traditional or acoustic guitar; among different advantages for apprentices, these instruments evade the requirement for another amp. In case you’re devoted to learning on an electric instrument, be that as it may, holding on to purchase an amp until you’ve played for a couple of months and have developed some capacity to stick or play gigs is a splendidly suitable technique.

At long last, amplifiers can essentially be extremely cumbersome. While computerized and strong state amplifier innovation is constantly improving, making amps lighter and increasingly convenient without giving up as much as far as sound quality, prized tube amps are frequently awkward to convey and weigh backbreaking sums.

Transporting your amp to and from jam meetings, practices, and gigs is a significant problem. Confronted with the experience of conveying an amp all over the place, a lot of advanced guitarists select rather leave their amp at a training space and abandon an amp when playing around the house.

Approaches to Play Your Guitar Without an Amp

There are a lot of approaches to play your electric guitar without an amp. Every strategy has its own advantages and disadvantages. While none will sound similarly as pleasant as utilizing the genuine article, everyone can be a superior alternative than utilizing an amp relying upon your circumstance. Investigate all the various methodologies and make sense of which one is the best for you.

Playing Unplugged

In the event that you don’t have an amp, this is the exemplary method to play your guitar. It’s likewise the most effortless to set up — indeed, you don’t need to do anything by any means! Simply play your guitar unplugged without an amp or any kind of gadget to change the sound.

Electric guitars produce a lot more vulnerable sound than acoustic guitars since they need sound gaps, resonance depressions, and other inherent amplifying highlights. Ideally, the pickups take care of that issue by catching the acoustic sign from your electric guitar and sending it to an amplifier or another gadget to transform it into a stronger sound.

However, despite the fact that many electric guitars don’t sound as uproarious or solid as acoustic guitars without some outside guide, they can even now be played splendidly fine unplugged.

The activity, feel, and other specialized viewpoints stay unchanged whether your guitar is going through an amp. In spite of the fact that you may pass up a portion of the material reaction you get from playing an electric guitar through a cranked amp, an unplugged guitar despite everything holds the entirety of the highlights you have to improve your playing aptitudes.

From multiple points of view, playing unplugged can be an incredible practice strategy regardless of whether you do have an amp. Isolating yourself from the amp will uncover a few defects in your playing like worry buzz or slight string dampening — that may go unnoticed when you support your sign electronically.

It’s additionally an extraordinary method to rehearse the guitar regardless of whether you’re not in a similar room as your amp. The Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia broadly built up his improvisational jargon of harmonies and scales by rehearsing scales each night with his guitar unplugged while he sat in front of the TV.

Semi-empty and empty body guitars work best for this training system. Strong body instruments produce a more vulnerable sound that takes care of business impeccably fine. In any case, the acoustic resonance bores in semi-empty and completely empty body guitars make them for all intents and purposes acoustic guitars just as electric instruments.

Some jazz boxes and more extensive empty body models can match the tone and projection of a characteristic acoustic in any event, when unplugged.

Earphone Amps

On the off chance that you basically don’t care for the sound of your electric guitar unplugged yet want a calmer, more spending plan well-disposed choice than a full amp, earphone amps are an incredible widely appealing alternative.

Earphone amps are manufactured by a wide assortment of companies, including many of the conventional amplifier manufacturers. A couple of earphone amps works by connecting to your guitar’s information jack, and they produce a sound just through their own earphone out jack. They’re viably their own smaller than usual pre-amp, without a force stage or speaker to make the sound stronger without earphones.

Earphone amplifiers all components of their own one of kind qualities; many offer a fundamental turn on their manufacturer’s particular sound. That means that Vox earphone amps like the Amplug 2 AC30 offer a more splendid, crisper “English” sound, while Line6 models like the Pocket POD give heavier, contorted tones with loads of extra impacts to explore different avenues regarding.

Note that you won’t have the option to play through an earphone amp without a lot of earphones or earbuds with a jack. They come up short on a speaker to amplify your sound any other way. As a result of that include, they can’t be utilized for jam meetings or basically anything other than solo practice.

Non-Guitar Amplifiers

On the off chance that you don’t have an amplifier intended for guitar however have a sound system lying around your home, you can plug your guitar into it with only a straightforward connector plug. Sound systems run on a male RCA plug; music stores about consistently convey connector links for you to change over from the 1/4″ jack found on your guitar to the RCA jack.

Utilizing a sound system or music speaker won’t sound very in the same class as an amp advanced for guitar, yet this is perhaps the nearest you’ll find a workable pace electric guitar sound without a full amplifier. A sound system or bigger speaker will give a similar volume to help as genuine amps, just without a touch of the smooth tone that guitar frameworks incorporate.

Playing Through Your Computer

The fast advances in music handling and DAW programming innovation over the previous decade have made another approach to play your guitar unplugged that was amazingly uncommon only a couple of years prior: playing your guitar through your PC.

You’ll have to buy a straightforward USB sound interface, which permits you to associate your instruments through to your PC and lets you alter sound volume and recurrence levels.

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is one of the most famous models around for novices — it’s less expensive than a full-sized guitar amp and permits you the adaptability to plug different instruments into your PC too past the six-string.

Some type of DAW programming is additionally important to get your guitar’s sound to get through your PC speakers. DAW programming (DAW stands for computerized sound workstation) permits you to record, alter, and blend music on your PC.  And don’t forget to check out the Best Electric Guitars For Beginners.

Apple’s GarageBand programming is one of the most generally known DAWs around today. Since it comes local on all Mac PCs, it’s by a long shot the best decision for tenderfoots and offers all the essential devices you have to amplify your guitar and make increasingly complex music.

In case you’re keen on music creation past simply amplifying the sound of your guitar, you may likewise consider ProTools, the DAW utilized by most by far of music industry insiders for their creative needs. Be that as it may, ProTools is costly and totally superfluous in case you’re simply hoping to play your guitar back through your PC speakers.

PCs likewise give a few advantages past different procedures to play your guitar without an amp. Advanced amp modules, similar to Bias FX, put the various tones of many exceptional amps and pedals readily available. These product modules can stack legitimately into your DAW after you download them and are instinctive enough for even amateur players to utilize.


In spite of the fact that amplifiers remain the highest quality level answer for expanding the volume of your electric guitar, there are a lot of various approaches to practice and play without the guide of a full-size amp. Regardless of whether you like to simply play unplugged, want to energize your sound through DAW programming on your PC, or anything in the middle of, the arrangement will frequently cost less and give a progressively compact, adaptable sound than a customary amp. Investigation with various choices to see which style works best for you. You may not even