Can Workplace Experience Software Manage Your Office Better

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The past few years have altered how the workforce interacts with their workplace. As a result, workplace experience has been a hot topic among managers and how they can improve it at their offices. Many offices even have a dedicated team to look after workplace experience. 

However, with teams split between the home and the office in the new hybrid work model, companies must prioritize flexibility, employee engagement, and better communication. Thankfully, managers can rely on workplace experience software to establish a workplace focused on employees’ well-being and satisfaction.

With a workplace experience tool, employees can interact with physical space and technology more effectively. And facility managers, in turn, can manage the office space better.

Let us see how workplace experience software helps you manage your office better.

Minimal Need for Managerial Oversight

Digital transformation and automation are crucial aspects of workplace experience. And your hybrid workplace can benefit from it as well. Think of all the manual processes like filling spreadsheets and scribbling whiteboards you go through daily. 

A workplace experience software automates most of the scheduling and booking processes. This not only streamlines the processes, but also saves your employees’ time.

Employees, for instance, can book their parking spots and desks in advance or hot-desk when they reach the office. Touchless access management keeps track of employees who enter the facility. Once they sign out of their desks and leave the office, parking and desks become available for a new booking. 

Employees and managers can use a single app to perform all these tasks.

Not once do employees have to ask managers to approve their bookings. The experience management software does it automatically based on availability.

Leverage Data to Improve Workplace Experience

Accurate data is key to improving business processes. And workplace experience software brings all vital insights at your fingertips. So, no more guesswork for managers. You need not rely on assumptions to make a decision; you can use data to make workplace changes to provide employees with a seamless work experience.

The workplace experience software records all necessary data like space availability, occupancy, attendance, and more. It also has a centralized dashboard that shows insights like desk, meeting room, and floor occupancy. So, you can prevent underutilization or overcrowding before it even occurs. Also, if a certain desk, room, or activity is more popular than others, you can easily make arrangements to increase their availability.

Simply put, the employee experience software helps managers to track resource availability in real-time and make the necessary arrangements. This way, employees have the resources they need as soon as they enter the office. And so they have a positive workplace experience.

Curate a Positive Employee Experience

Quality workplace experience begins with giving freedom to employees. And it is easier than you think in a hybrid setup. 

Workplace experience software comes with an employee scheduling tool wherein team members can fill in their preferences so that you can schedule them with ease. 

They can select days, desks, amenities, and teammates they prefer to work with in advance. And when they reach the office, they can use the interactive floor plans to navigate straight to their workspace. It not only makes their work experience seamless; it reduces wastage of time and improves their productivity.

In a distributed hybrid setup, employees struggle with seamless communication.

A workplace experience platform also ensures no communication gap in the office. The software integrates with applications such as Slack and Outlook. So, employees are always in tune with their schedules, bookings, cancellations, and coworkers. 

Thus workplace experience software gives way to a more supportive and collaborative workplace, thus, ensuring a quality experience.

Easy To Implement Safety Compliance

Safety is an essential element of a positive workplace experience. But in hybrid workplaces, employees need the flexibility to operate freely. So, manual check-ups and reminders are difficult for managers and hinder employees’ workplace experience. But workplace experience software has you covered.

For days when employees need to be on-site, managers can use the visitor management system in the workplace experience software. The Kiosk-based system records temperature and scans employees for mask compliance before approving access. 

That is not all.

The workplace experience software also lets you automate the sanitation workflow. So, whenever a desk or room becomes vacant, your sanitation team can instantly clean and ready the space for the next booking. It ensures that your employees always have a clean workplace to operate in.

Seamless Visitor Experience

With its automated scheduling, interactive floor plans, and access control, workplace experience software improves employee work satisfaction. But what about visitors? 

With workplace experience software, you do not need a separate guest management system. The software supports pre-registering visits so that you can approve visitors depending on the office occupancy. 

And when visitors arrive, they get instant access to the facility with digital passes. The visitor management system also records temperature and contact details. So, visitors not only have seamless check-in and out experience but feel safe at your workplace.

Final Words

Employee experience platform is essential for hybrid workplaces. It allows employees to freely book desks, collaborate, and navigate the workplace without hassle. At the same time, it frees managers from mundane they can focus on other essential tasks at hand.

WorkInSync workplace experience software has an all-in-one workplace management solution that equips you with every tool you need to enhance the quality of your workplace experience. It also increases employee experience and company culture. 

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