Can This Video Editor Be A Solution To Your High Value Brand Campaigns In A Budget?

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InVideo is a premier online video editing platform that can help you in creating eye-catching videos within seconds.

With its expansive collection of pre-existing templates and the easy to use drag and drop functionality, InVideo has emerged as the ‘Canva’ for video creation.

The intuitive video creation platform has loads of easy to use features that can go hand in hand with a self-explanatory website.

Even someone with 0 video editing experience will find themselves at home on the InVideo website.

Companies are relying heavily on InVideo to create impactful videos quickly and generate enormous levels of returns.

How are brands using InVideo?

Brands such as Snapdeal have used InVideo’s promo video template feature to quickly create YouTube bumper ads in the past. Also, Flipkart has used the platform as an intro maker and to prepare buyer’s guides for consumer appliances.

The news network, Republic TV, has leveraged InVideo to create highly impactful videos in the 2019 general elections.

These videos were created quickly and had an ever-lasting impact on the audience.

InVideo Features that Allow Easy Video Creation

There are a plethora of features that make InVideo perfect for video creation. These are as follows.

1. A set of pre-existing templates

Perhaps one of the most enticing features of InVideo is the availability of pre-existing templates.

Customers are always in a hurry, and these pre-existing templates come in very handy when you want to quickly create a visually appealing video.

The templates come in all shapes and sizes, including customized templated that are specially crafted to be deployed on mobile devices, or desktops.

The finally exported project can be of a 16:9, 1:1, or 9:16 aspect ratio. The resolution is capped at 1080p, which is more than enough for meeting the requirements of a promo video.

There are more than 100 categories to choose your template from and fulfill almost any business or marketing requirement. If you are operating in a niche business, InVideo has a template for you.

2. Article to video feature

Do you run a blog and want to create videos of your textual blog post? InVideo can help you to just do that easily!

The AI-driven Article to Video feature can convert any textual content into an enticing video within minutes and without much effort.

InVideo’s article to video feature allows you to easily create videos that are customized for posting on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram.

If you wish, InVideo also provides you with the freedom to add custom elements in the video.

3. Start a project from scratch

By using InVideo’s blank template feature, you can start your entire custom project by selecting the right aspect ratio, add custom elements or audio, and drive your entire video creation journey.

Starting a project using the blank template features allows you to control all the aspects of the video, including the speed, transition effects, fine-tuning the color profile, and other advanced editing options.

4. Advanced editing features

InVideo provides advanced video editing features such as loop video playback, frame cropping, clip trimming, and a plethora of other coveted video editing features.

Moreover, the millions of royalty-free images and videos can be leveraged to add that extra oomph to your videos.

5. Proper support throughout your video creation journey

InVideo provides 24×7 support through a dedicated chat support portal that you can access anytime during your video creation journey.

If you experience any issues on the website or just need to ask a quick question, you can send a message and receive a reply from a live agent within seconds.

In addition to this, InVideo also has an immensely helpful FAQ section that is populated with helpful queries and their answers.

If you want to get support without talking to someone, the FAQ section can be very helpful.

The Benefits of Using InVideo Creation Platform

Deploying InVideo for your video requirements entails a host of benefits. Below is a list summarizing all the major advantages that InVideo provides.

  • InVideo provides access to more than a million, copyright free stock photos, videos, and audio clips in addition to stickers, animations, and video filters.
  • Easy script reading algorithms enable you to turn any textual content into an enticing video within minutes.
  • Ability to add Instagram posts or tweets to the video.
  • If you require any support or instructions during your workflow, InVideo provides a host of helpful instructional videos under the support section of the website.
  • You can record your own voice to be used in the videos.
  • You can integrate local media stored on your computer in videos or use media from the vast collection that InVideo provides.
  • The InVideo website is well laid out and is easy to use. The video creator tools are in the right place and are visible whenever you need them.
  • And lastly, you own the copyrights to your videos. This means that you can sell, share, or use them however you like. Any Video created by you on the InVideo platform is yours. Forever!

InVideo’s received a 4.8 rating based out of 180 reviews on and a 5-star rating based out of 71 reviews on

InVideo Pricing

InVideo provides two plans, namely, Business and Unlimited. The feature set and the pricing for both the plans are mentioned below.

Business Plan – $20/Month

Unlimited Plan – $60/Month

In addition to these plans, InVideo also provides a forever free option that allows users to create videos with InVideo watermark.

Final Thoughts

InVideo has emerged as the perfect choice for brands and businesses to create enticing and visually appealing ads and promo videos.

The expansive feature set, coupled with an easy to use interface, can help you enormously in creating stunning videos without putting in much effort.