Can I always make money at Online Bingo?

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You may not think it at first, but bingo probably has a more colorful history than pretty much any other gambling game in the world, yet for one reason or another it is routinely written off as just a game for old people. In actuality, this really could not be further from the truth, and one particularly poignant fact that backs this up is that British soldiers in WWII were absolutely bonkers for bingo (then called Housey Housey) – how’s that for a game for old people, eh? 

These days there are several million bingo players all around the world, with countries such as the UK, Brazil, and America loving it especially. In the 21st century, there is also the added benefit of online bingo, something that has become outrageously in-demand over the last ten years – visit

People tend to ask, “can I always make money at online bingo?”, and today we’re going to find out exactly that. Keep reading for more! 

Online bingo: Does it beat traditional bingo for popularity? 

Amazingly online bingo was actually one of the first-ever examples of an online gambling game, with the first rudimentary online bingo game coming out in 1996. Unfortunately, it didn’t really end up catching on, however, this is more down to the fact that it was meant to be a demographic survey for advertising more than an actual bingo game. 

It is only in the last decade that online bingo has really become a popular force, such as Paddy Power Bingo, and nowadays more than 75% of bingo players actually prefer it to your classic bingo halls. There are several million bingo players in the UK alone, so it certainly beats traditional bingo for popularity in 2021. 

Can I always make money at Online Bingo? 

Right then, onto the golden question – can I always make money at online bingo? The first thing to say here is that you are never going to always make money at any gambling game, and certainly not if you don’t know what you’re doing. The nature of these things is purely down to probability at the end of the day, and they’re just isn’t a 100% probability of making money here. 

Of course, there is every possibility that you will make a lot of money playing online bingo, but you’ve also got to be prepared to miss out too. You know that old saying – you win some, you lose some! 

Ways to make sure you are making money at online bingo 

As we said before, online bingo is ultimately driven by probability, and if you can get the probability of you winning as high as possible you will end up with more money in the long run. With that in mind, here are some ways to make sure you are making money at online bingo: 

  •         Budget effectively and make the most out of your wins, whilst protecting your losses.
  •         Find the best online bingo bonuses.
  •         If you are looking for big jackpots play at busier times. If you are looking for wins more often play at less busy times, just be aware the prizes will be smaller.