Calming Tips for Nervous Flyers

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By Admin Desk

Whenever the holiday season rolls around, nervous fliers begin to wonder about their upcoming trip. Regardless of how well-trained the flight crew may be and how diligently the aviation weather tools Sterling VA were checked, there are some people who dread flying under any conditions. The stress can be overwhelming, but these tips can help keep you calm while heading off to your holiday destination.

Get to the Airport Early

Though you will have to arrive early to clear through security and check your luggage, you can calm your fears by watching other planes take off and land before you board your own. You will be able to see the angle of the plane, watch how long it takes, and identify what to expect. This can help alleviate fears of the unknown.

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Chat With the Crew

If you are feeling nervous, you may be in a talkative mood already, but chatting with the flight crew will personalize the experience and develop a sense of trust. By making them aware of your fears or telling them that you are nervous, they may check on you more often during the trip to ensure that you feel comfortable.

Bring a Busy Bag

There are many things that are beyond your control when flying, but you can help bring a little sense of direction to your flight by packing a busy bag. You should bring a book or download a playlist that will keep your mind off the environment and the trip. Some flights provide entertainment such as movies or television programming during the journey.

Take a Calming Breath

As you settle into your seat, draw in a big breath, and slowly release it. These are calming breaths that can be done as often as needed to relax your body.

Flying is a convenient and efficient way to travel between distances. These tips can help keep you calm and prepared for the trip.