When Business Should Outsource Customer Support?

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By John Wick

Smart businesses always do whatever it takes to reduce overhead, grow profits, and expand their service offerings — providing better value for their customers and strategic growth opportunities. Eliminating costs is a smart business move because it gives businesses an opportunity to save money and focus on what counts the most, their customers. 

If you’re a small business, it’s likely that you’re juggling many tasks, and answering customers’ concerns isn’t always at the top of your list. Failing to provide a stellar customer service experience provides the opportunity for competitors to swoop in and steal away loyal customers. That’s why businesses are leveraging on call centers to offer exceptional customer support services, all while boosting profits. 

Customer service has been shown to significantly improve a business’s operational efficiency, revenue generation, and brand recognition. So, before taking any action businesses should ask themselves a few questions to come up with a decision whether they should consider outsourcing customer support to call centers or not. 

#Question 1How fast do you respond to your customer’s concerns? 

If you’re not considering workload in your support strategies, you’ve likely been taking on unnecessary costs and running an inefficient operation. 

Customers these days expect an overall experience from the support services. Once they’re connected to the support team, their expectations touch the sky. As per Hubspot Research, 90% of the customer’s rate ‘immediate response’ as the most critical part of their purchasing journey, particularly when their concern is related to customer services. While 82% consider its importance when they have got a marketing or sales query.  

Speed is everything for today’s customers. If we talk about their patience level, it won’t last more than 10 minutes. That’s why businesses need to be swift in their response actions. Although delivering fast solutions maintaining customer satisfaction is a challenge for businesses having limited resources. That’s why businesses turn to call center services.  

Call centers free up businesses to determine whether they should increase the number of agents available when the call volume is high, or keep the current number of agents in place, thereby saving their precious time and money.

#Question 2- Do you need some outside expert assistance?

Every business will eventually face a situation where they need expertise or services outside of their business. Suppose you need some specific advice on how to run your business while keeping your customers satisfied. It’s much better to get advice from a professional in that field instead of doing it yourself. So, if you’re looking for an expert helping hand to clear your customer’s concerns without hiring a team, outsourcing is the best option.  

One of the most unrewarded benefits of outsourcing services is that it’s offered by a third party, which means if you need some expert assistance outside of your business, outsourcing is the most cost-effective way to get it done. Since setting up an entire in-house team for small work is not a smart business move. It’s why most businesses in India are turning to outsource, and numbers are increasing for customer support services.

Let’s face it, experts understand areas better than you do. Whether it’s responding to customers’ requests on time while maintaining customer retention or getting advice on how to keep your customers satisfied, outsourcing support to customer support centers such as BPO in the Philippines is always a better option. It helps businesses reduce their expenses and frees up their time, making it easy for them to focus on their core operations

#Question 3- Are your agents are having a hard time doing certain tasks?

Running a business in today’s cutthroat market can be challenging. Since the competition is very high, businesses need to maintain a pace on different aspects simultaneously, from operations to support everything needs to be up-to-date. When most businesses concentrate on making sure their business runs well, they often overlooked their customer support leading to unhappy customers and even lost sales.  

Some signs tell businesses whether they need a call center to deal with customer support. One such sign is when the existing staff is either overloaded or not getting the job done in line with service level agreements. It simply indicates that either business has to hire new staff, which usually is not an economically feasible solution for most businesses, or they need to find a different solution. In such scenarios, outsourcing is the right thing to do. 

Businesses today are aware of the importance of having a support team that can help customers with immediate response, and that’s why most businesses are outsourcing their support services to reputed call centers in India. With this, they get the best of both- satisfied customers, plus big savings.

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Outsourcing is a business decision that comes with both risks and opportunities. Once you venture off to customer support services, you’ll find that it’s a proven business strategy that is helping businesses grow in new ways. After all, being a business is all about taking risks and trying new things every day. By outsourcing support to call centers is sort of like hiring a superhero to fight your business battles for you. Therefore, if you haven’t considered outsourcing yet, then you’re missing out on tremendous opportunities.