Buying a Three-Carat Engagement Ring: The Ultimate Guide

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A well-cut, magnificent 3 carat engagement ring will captivate the recipient’s heart—and the hearts of those who see it. A 3 Carat Diamond has an exceptional capability for brilliance, sparkle, and fire due to its considerable carat weight.

Purchasing any 3-carat diamond, on the other hand, will not produce the required outcomes. As you can see, gems of the same weighting factor have vastly different attractions and brilliance.


  1. When buying a round-cut, stick to the Excellent or Ideal options.
  2. You should concentrate on VS1 or VS2 clarity diamonds for 3ct diamonds. An eye-clean SI is feasible, although it is uncommon.
  3. Look for GH colour in a 3-carat diamond. Depending on the parameters, you can alter the colour to IJ.


  1. Diamonds without a GIA or AGS certificate should be avoided.
  2. Diamonds with a moderate or very intense blue fluorescence should be avoided. The value of a diamond of this size will be significantly reduced.
  3. Stay away from diamonds with troubling remarks on the certificate.

What is a 3-carat diamond?

 When we speak of 3-carat diamonds, we’re referring to their size. 600 milligrammes (0.6 gramme) equals 3 carats. From another perspective, a 3-carat diamond is roughly the same weight as a raisin.

All diamonds are valued per carat. For example, a 3.50-carat diamond might cost $12,280 per carat. The diamond would cost $12,280 multiplied by 2.50, or $30,700. With greater weight categories, diamond prices per carat also rise.

A 2-carat diamond, for example, might cost $8,380 per carat, whereas a comparable 3-carat diamond costs $10,920 per carat. Due to the diamond’s larger weight value and higher price per carat within the weight category, the price rises exponentially with weight.

The weight category should be noted, as costs per carat do not increase in lockstep with weight. Emotion, rather than reasoning, typically influences diamond prices.

What Is the Price of a 3 Carat Diamond Ring?

A three-carat diamond in a lovely setting will cost $55,000, according to our calculations. To save money, you can sacrifice quality, but don’t go too far. Other shapes are less expensive than round diamonds.

A 3-carat diamond typically costs between $19,000 to $95,000, while some can cost more than $100,000. A 3-carat diamond engagement ring’s price is determined by several aspects, like cut quality, clarity, colour, and shape.

What is the size of a three-carat diamond engagement ring?

 A 3-carat diamond contains 600 milligrammes and has a diameter of 9.2 millimetres if it is round. The typical dimensions of a round diamond are 9.20 X 9.20 X 5.73mm. A better carat weight does not always suggest a bigger diamond.

The diamond’s carat weight does not affect the table’s total area, depth, or other form characteristics. The shape and cut of the diamond, both of which determine the diamond’s size, influence these parameters.


Use the information in this guide to help your search for a 3 Carat Diamond Ring easier. Diamond Exchange aspires to be your one-stop-shop for all things diamond jewellery.

Remember that the cut of a diamond is the most significant aspect of its beauty and value. It’s more difficult to see colour in an exquisitely cut diamond. We always advise investing more in Diamond Cut rather than Diamond Color.