Brace yourself for the tectonic shift in the world of web design and Instagram aesthetics

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Web design trends tend to take you to a sci-fi world, with emerging technologies propelling you to sniff the future.

However, 2021 is all set to witness a common theme. Instead of going into hi-tech stuff, it’d rather show aspirations to hit the deck. The same goes for Instagram marketing. There’s a concerted effort to go retro, vintage, and shun bold, bright colors.

The platform is embracing neutral colors and redefining the antiquated look. Now, web designers are looking for new realism peaks. They are fusing the ordinary and digital for the first time, showing that websites have indeed become an integral part of our lives.

  • Get ready for parallax animation. From particle backdrops to micro-interactions, web animations have stronger each year.
  • In the coming year, web animations will see more complexity through the segregation of page elements, and shifting them into the background and foreground.
  • It’s an optical illusion. Its impact on websites is both surreal and real.
  • The use of background and foreground creates immense depth.
  • Neomorphism and abstract art compositions are also there.

Minimalism at its best

Minimalism is a timeless design trend that refuses to die. Its most interesting feature is that it can stay strong and still evolve at the same time. You’ve large areas of white space-defining minimalism in Instagram and web design.

  • Web pages are also using the Dark Mode design. With so many people using dark mode on mobile apps and email, it’s understandable why so many websites are developing designs with a depressive and dark aesthetic.
  • You can also be a little rebellious by breaking every traditional regulation of typography.
  • The key to using this design trend is even if you break typing rules, such as sizing, odd spacing, even breaks, and lice spacing, you need to understand the signs.
  • There are brands breaking type guidelines in a way that doesn’t affect readability. The catch here is that the color changes with time and placement, forming a layer effect.
  • The same design integrates a round text pattern between background elements for connecting the spaces.

Artistic illustrations are always welcome in a web page. If you’re putting them on your Insta, your popularity is bound to soar. You can buy 20 likes Instagram from leading sites, but cultivating and sustaining an audience is a different ballgame.

These illustrations thrive on animation hints and like-style drawing.

Luminous color combinations

In sharp contrast to the black and white trend, luminous color styles highlight the isometric trend in the gamut of web design. There are glowing neon colors. These include pinks, purples, and blues for making your website look futuristic and modern.

When you couple these color schemes with darker and deeper shades, they will pop out of your mobile screens, creating a daring and bold appearance of your website.

Hand-drawn pieces or elements are always a great idea. A human-driven approach in web design is regaining fast popularity. It could be lettering by hand, icons that someone drew, cartoonish or animated illustrations, and so on.

You’ll find that technology in recent times is all about personal touch, humanity, and emotions.

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