Best Places to Use Billboard Advertising in Wichita

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Billboard advertising can be highly effective, especially in major metro areas like Wichita, Kansas. However, your billboard ads will only be as converting as possible if you place them in the ideal locations. Understanding the best places to use billboard advertising in Wichita is key to your marketing program’s success.

Not sure where to start? Read on for a breakdown of the best overall spots to stick billboard advertisements in Wichita and in the surrounding area!

Billboards at Airports and Highways

It’s always a good idea to position high-quality billboard advertisements at transit hubs, such as city highways and freeways, airports, and even train stations. Luckily, Wichita is home to many such locations, offering prime advertising real estate to market your brand or specific products to your target audience members.

Some of the best places to use billboard ads at Wichita highways and airports include:

  • Interstates 235, 135 (on Highway 81, specifically), and 35 – for the last, try to advertise around the Purple Heart Trail, as this is frequented by commuters and tourists alike every day
  • US 400, another major commuting route in and out of the city
  • Wichita Dwight D Eisenhower National Airport
  • Signature Flight Support ICT – Wichita Mid-Continent Airport. While this is the smaller of the two airports in the area, it still gets a lot of traffic, so it might be worthwhile for brands with smaller billboard advertising budgets

University-Focused Billboards

While Wichita isn’t known as a college town specifically, you might still benefit from putting up a billboard or two around Wichita State University. This is the most important college campus in the area, making it a hub for young people and working professionals alike.

In addition, you can target professors or academics in the area by positioning a few key billboards around the university campus.

Billboards for Tourists

Wichita gets a surprising number of tourists (possibly because it’s the most important city in Kansas by far). Therefore, good marketing logic suggests you should position billboards strategically near tourist attractions.

Feel free to mix it up in terms of billboard ad type, as well. You can position traditional billboards, windowscapes, and wallscapes to speak to your target audience and spread the word about your brand around the city. Some of the best places to position billboards for tourists include:

  • The Old Cowtown Museum
  • Exploration Place
  • The Keeper of the Plains, a historical center
  • The Wichita Botanical Gardens (called the Botanica)
  • The Sedgwick County Zoo

If you know of other major tourist attractions, investigate whether there are billboard spots for you to advertise with!

Billboards Near Sports Stadiums

Lastly, don’t forget to put a few strategic billboards near sports stadiums, arenas, and even places with lots of sports bars. People in Wichita love their sports no matter the season, so odds are you’ll get a lot of advertising traffic if you put a billboard or two in front of those sports fans’ eyes.

As for which stadiums to prioritize, you should advertise near:

  • Cessna Stadium
  • Eck Stadium
  • The New Stadium

Each of these sports arenas sees thousands to hundreds of thousands of customers and patrons per year: a major boon for any advertising campaign!

How to Determine the Best Billboard Spots

While choosing good billboard spots is absolutely necessary, you need to know how to determine good billboard advertising locations from subpar ones. In many cases, this involves doing heavy market research.

Simply put, you can’t understand where to position your Wichita billboards for maximum effectiveness if you don’t know where your target demographic works, lives, and travels. You also need to understand how your target demographic interacts with billboard ads – for example, are they more likely to respond to a billboard call to action immediately, or take a picture of the billboard ad and respond to it later?

In any case, be sure to research:

  • Where your target demographic works, such as downtown Wichita, in the suburbs, or somewhere else
  • Whether your target demographic takes the freeways frequently. If not, you can prioritize more of your marketing budget for downtown or alternative location billboard advertisements
  • Where your target demographic spends most of its time in or around the Wichita area. Again, this can help you prioritize inner city spots or billboard locations that are closer to the perimeter or suburban areas

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are many different spots where you can use billboard ads effectively in Wichita. For the best results, though, you’ll want to consider your target demographic carefully and position most – or even all – of your billboard ads in the locations that demographic is most likely to frequent.

Information is power! The more you know your audience, the better you can market directly to them and the more effective your billboard ads will be. Good luck!