Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Properties Appearance Cheaply

With so many houses for sale in Canada, and across North America these days, it’s not hard to see why improving your property’s appearance is important when you want to sell.

Especially if you are looking to get top dollar out of your home because the competition is getting more fierce every day.

However, you will want to keep as much of the profits as possible to maximize your ROI, so being able to keep your home improvement budget cheap is paramount.

So let’s take a closer look into the top 5 ways to improve any home’s appearance, cheaply…

Curb Appeal is The First Impression!

When that fancy Realtor car pulls up to your home’s driveway with eager buyers in tow, the wow factor is important and will set the mood for the rest of the showing. The curb appeal is everything you see and will notice from the driveway, or the street in front of the house.

Fresh Exterior Paint!

One of the biggest impacts you can make on your home’s curb appeal is by adding a fresh coat of high-quality exterior paint that makes everything look shiny and new.

If it has been years since the house was painted you might want to pressure wash every square inch first to give you a clean and crisp foundation for the painting.

Landscaping Creates Appeal

Next, the landscaping you have can offer buyers a welcoming fresh look and feel, or it can break your deal too!

Making sure that the lawn is healthy and green is important and ensuring there aren’t any dead patches that can become an eye sore that sticks out to buyers. Then, make sure to plant greenery like small bushes and plants which can help define the walkway and make the property seem welcoming for potential buyers.

Furniture & Staging Really Works!

If you don’t have really nice furniture for your house then staging it with trendy furniture that compliments your property can help buyers picture themselves living there.

Buying, or renting a spectacular couch, table, and lighting will make the living room pop and attractive for people to see. The same goes for bedroom furniture, bathroom accents, and the overall decor of the property!

Interior Paint Goes a Long Way

Just like outside the property, painting the interior walls throughout your house will make it feel fresh and brand new.

Make sure that you choose a neutral color that will appeal to a vast array of people so that the paint color works in your favor and doesn’t become counterintuitive.


In fast-moving housing markets like the one that most people are experiencing in 2022, it’s never been more important to make your property stand out.

However doing too much work, or spending to much money on appearance can take lots of profits from you in the end. 

If you aren’t experienced or lack the confidence to add ROI, cheaply, it may be worth it to contact a professional for advice before you begin.

There are plenty of home decor services available to help sellers make their homes sellable, quickly.

Contacting a licensed Real Estate Agent can be good as well because their experience and knowledge about your local housing market can be useful to determine how much work if any will be needed to sell your home for top dollar today!


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