Best Places to Camp in the Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies brim with rugged, incredible adventures. Kayak along glacial-fed, bright blue lakes or hike to viewpoints dropping into a vibrant valley backed by peaks stretching into the horizon. No matter what you do or where you go, the scenery never fails to impress.

One of the best ways to revel in Canada’s backyard is to set up camp and spend nights under the stars while the swaying trees and hums of streams lull you to sleep. Then, wake up to a crackling fire and fresh mountain air, and drink your fire-roasted coffee before a day of exploring. But first things first: where should you camp in the Canadian Rockies? This article will share some of the best places and campgrounds to enjoy the unspoiled Canadian wild!

Where should I fly to camp in the Canadian Rockies?

Are you coming from abroad or from across Canada? If you’re hoping to camp in Banff, the Kootenays, or Jasper, it’s best to fly into Calgary; the city provides the ultimate jumping-off point for Canadian Rocky explorations. Note that Jasper National Park might be slightly closer to Edmonton, but we recommend driving from Calgary to soak up one of the most scenic highways: Icefields Parkway. Be sure to stop at Peyto Lake en route!

Renting a car is key to freely exploring Canada’s expansive terrain, but if driving isn’t your thing, booking an organized trip via a reputable source, such as 10Adventures, a great place to find adventure tours, might be the best way to go. You’ll find Canadian Rockies’ adventures that include camping, hiking, hot springs, and more!

Where are the best places to camp in the Canadian Rockies?

Discover some unreal places to camp in the Canadian Rockies below!

Banff National Park

You can’t go wrong with camping in Banff National Park. This park is often viewed as the pinnacle of the Canadian Rockies, thanks to the all-too-popular postcard image of Moraine Lake cradled by snow-capped peaks. Banff boasts several great places to camp—you can stay closer to Banff, Lake Louise, or head into the backcountry for a more rugged experience.

Here are some great places to camp in Banff, but keep in mind that most require a reservation well in advance—book through the Parks Canada website:

  • In the Town of Banff: Tunnel Mountain Campground
  • Frontcountry camping in a wilder setting: Two Jack Lakeside Campground
  • Near Lake Louise: Lake Louise Tent Campground

Jasper National Park

Reach Jasper National Park at the end of the iconic Icefields Parkway (if you’re driving from Calgary), where more phenomenal quintessential Canadian views await. En route to Jasper, you’ll find several stops along the way: Bow Lake, Peyto Lake, Athabasca Glacier, Athabasca Falls, and much more. The road is incredible! Then, once in Jasper National Park, set up your tent at one of the many campgrounds tucked in and in front of the mountainscape and get ready for a few days of exploring the breathtaking area.

Some places to book a campsite—most will also require a reservation through Parks Canada, but some may offer first-come, first-serve spots—are:

  • Near the town of Jasper (and big!): Wapiti Campground Jasper
  • Quiet and rugged: Pocahontas Campground Jasper
  • Lakeside campground: Honeymoon Lake Campground

Kootenay National Park

Bordering Banff National Park in BC, Kootenay National Park enchants with a dizzying mountain setting. And setting up base at a campground opens up avenues for intrepid activities! The main town in Kootenay National Park is Radium, where you’ll find some basic necessities if you camp nearby.

Some great places to camp in Kootenay National Park (remember to reserve through Parks Canada) are:

  • Near Radium (and the Hot Springs): Redstreak Campground
  • Enjoy mountain views: Marble Canyon Campground
  • Near the Kootenay River: McLeod Meadows

Which campground in the Canadian Rockies will you try out first?

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