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Best Floor Plan Software

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Houses are made to be constructed with precision and ease. Floor plans are one of the most key things a home must have to illustrate its concept, rooms, and other features effectively. The proper 3D rendered models can serve as a useful guide for prospective buyers in making their decisions.

Here are some of the best and most efficient floor plan software you can utilize to map out your majestic homes!

AutoCAD Architecture

The AutoCAD Architecture can help architects and real estate developers to render furnishings into their floor plans, all with a sleek design. This software is known for its seamless editing and useful features. It is a worthy investment for real estate agents, for it helps them construct the floor plan smoothly. Moreover, it is also equipped with a free trial, and it costs $2,100 a year.


If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, SketchUp is the way to go. Famous for its user-friendly interface, SketchUp is a 3D design software that helps real estate agents layout the property’s floor plan from different angles. It only comes for only $119 a year. This software is perfect if you need photos that can go alongside your floor plan. Professional photo services can help capture the house’s features, and you can easily search for “photo services near me” to garner great results.

Sweet Home 3D

Armed with a big library full of realistic objects and furniture, Sweet Home 3D is known for its quick and easy setup. While it is fit for newbies, it is also advisable for professional real estate agents who seek to render 2D floor plans quickly and seamlessly. For $13.99 a year, you can annotate floor plans that cater to a variety of houses.

Room Sketcher

For an artistic presentation, Room Sketcher features its 3D walkthroughs for the viewers to take a virtual tour of the house. With just $49 a year, this home design software can export 3D models in various formats. Its measuring tools also help determine the spatial space of a particular area, which aids architects and real estate agents alike.


Roomle is particularly popular in architecture, mainly for its high-quality outputs and its seamless 2D and 3D rendering tools. It also provides easy collaboration for teams to assemble and also create their online portals. The software can be used on desktop and mobile devices and can even conduct AR and VR tours. This is perfect for real estate agents who want a convenient application to edit and present floor plans to prospective clients.


Homestyler flaunts itself with its 4k graphic design tools that can be utilized for various design purposes. It has a downloadable app for free, wherein most of the features are free, and even the Ultra HD photorealistic renders. It also features virtual walkthroughs and several realistic furniture models that will add flair to your floor plan.

Live Home 3D

This is a user-friendly software that can be utilized by both professionals and non-professionals alike. It comes with an extensive furniture library and a variety of color palettes. In addition, it is also available for iOS/iPadOS, macOS, and Windows, making it easy to access.

Architects and real estate developers need reliable and user-friendly floor plan software to enhance the property’s marketable features. With the right software, you can showcase the property’s expanse, and in turn, let it claim its rightful place in the market!