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Oh, a bachelor party! Amazing pre-wedding rite of honoring a groom as he’s winding down his last bachelor days. If you’re more than 13, you’re aware that typical bachelor parties always involve booze, strippers, and more strippers. And that’s great! We don’t want to discourage liquor and lapdances! Who would dare to do that!?

However, we really think that you can get more creative and do better to make sure that your friend won’t regret picking you as the best man. Yes, bachelor party planning may be complicated, nuanced, and even danger-fraught, but we are here to help you out! Scroll down to get to know the best ideas and tips from experienced best men. Add something more fun and exciting to beer & pole-dancing!

So, sit down with the bachelor, you are going to decide the following:

Decide On The Bachelor Party Destinations

Before you start a conversation about the bachelor party destination with the groom, work off his interests, then offer him 3-5 options and give reasons for each. That’s important because many bachelors don’t see fantastic forests since there are hundreds of trees with ads for Las Vegas on them. Offer up places where you can do plenty of activities, girls exist, and the cost isn’t prohibitive.

Your perfect destinations may be cities with warm climates or college towns. If your friend wants to go somewhere international, let him know that this may rule out at least half of your group.

Then you have to decide on a date that works for the bachelor and the rest of the group. Pick a date about 6 weeks ahead in the future. The date mustn’t fall during a popular vacation weekend or even a normal holiday when people may have already planned a family trip somewhere.

Decide On Where You Are Going To Stay

It means that you’ll need to decide on whether you want to organize the bachelor party in the hotel or house. With a hotel, you have easy access to pools, restaurants, bars, and girls who are hanging out there. Besides, hotels are usually located downtown, thus, you’ll be at walking distance to other city sites.

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Houses are usually cheaper, you have everyone together, and the group hangs more organically, which is great if the group includes the best friends only and everybody likes each other. Furthermore, you’ll have access to such great things as a private pool, towels, the best small gas grill, and dozens of other useful things.

Decide On The Guest List

Before you send bachelor party invitations to everyone the groom knows, do sit down and decide on the guest list carefully. The ideal size of the group is up to 10 people. If you invite more than that, the chances are you’ll end up splitting up tables at the bar, which in turn will lead to fracturing the social dynamic.

It’ll be a brilliant idea to invite the bride’s dad and/or brother. However, if you do so, your destination will be a local cigar bar, nice restaurant, or whatever that makes them feel included but prevent them from seeing the groom in an inappropriate situation. After that, you may want to set up a supplementary event with beer, strippers, etc. for the inner circle.

Bachelor Party Ideas And Themes

In this block, we’ll provide you with well-tried bachelor party ideas. Some of them need preparation, and the tips above will help you to do everything in the best way, whereas others require no effort, and all you need for them is some money and a great company.

Organize a backyard BBQ party

Organize a backyard BBQ party
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It may seem too plain for the bachelor party, however, if you only invite the best friends who don’t see each other too often, you’ll spend a great time together. Such a party will be atmospheric and bring back happy memories. If you don’t have an outlet to throw a grill party, try to rent a house in your area for a day or two.

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Rent a hut in the woods

This is one of the best bachelor party ideas during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, especially, if you like hanging out with friends in nature. Through various online platforms like Airbnb, you can rent a hut or a house that will fit the entire group.

Rent a house on the beach

rent a house on the beach
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It’ll be cheaper than renting rooms in a hotel, and the social dynamic won’t fracture. Besides, there are so many fun things you can do in the beach house, no sense to list them here!

Take a cruise

This is a brilliant idea to have a bachelor party on a cruise ship. It sounds luxurious, and it really is! This option is suitable for everyone due to a bevy range of entertainment like casinos, bars, pool decks, and more. It’ll be an unforgettable experience!

Head to a food and wine festival

food and wine festival
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Food and wine festivals are a big hit, they always promise lots of fun, various entertainments and, obviously, plenty of delicious food and drinks. Do rent a car with a driver, none of you will be able to drive for a good reason!

Go sky diving

Isn’t it a good idea for the groom to embrace his fear of height and jump out of the airplane before he says “I do”. It can also be one of the great bachelor party gifts for the groom if the best man and the rest of the group aren’t ready to skydive.

Make a little challenge

Have a competition! Competitive games are a budget-friendly and fun way to have a bachelor party. It can be anything from friendly basketball to beer Olympics. A good match must be celebrated in a good bar!


Fishing on bachelor party
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Boring? Maybe. However, we must consider the groom’s personality! After all, the bachelor party is being arranged for him, right? So, if he’s a true fan of fishing, give him the opportunity to enjoy it with his best friends.

We do hope our bachelor party ideas and tips will help you arrange the best party ever for your friend. If you’ve already been there and can share several useful and fun ideas with us, please do it in the comment section! We’ll appreciate it!

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