Benefits and side-effects of using CBD Oils

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CBD – a non-psychoactive cannabinoid and its benefits for health and well-being has grown from the hype in the wellness community into a huge multibillion industry. As dynamic and promising as this trend looks right now seems it will only grow as long as more and more states will legalize the sale and use of marijuana and cannabis-based products.

And as the industry grows, the research of the actual effect of CBD products on our health and wellbeing is gaining traction. There is still a lot of prejudice against CBD products nowadays. So even now, when the legalization process seems to become unstoppable, many customers are quite reluctant about CBD. At the same time, numerous entrepreneurs have felt how promising and perspective the field is. So new and new CBD brands appear every day claiming the ultimately miraculous effect of their CBD Oils and Tinctures.

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They compete in the design of their Custom display boxes and custom CBD packaging, taking over the counters and shelves of local wellness stores and social media profiles. Therefore the fact that some customers might consider their promises exaggerated is also natural. That said, it is quite clear that comprehensive clinical research on the effect of CBD products, their benefits, and side effects is as relevant nowadays as it has never been before. More and more highly respected laboratories pay their attention to this ancient thought new to the modern market product.

Of course, the work has only started, and there is still a lot to study and understand the pros and cons of using CBD products in medical treatment and everyday life. But still, there is enough solid evidence to talk about some basic concepts of using CBD oils, tinctures, vapes, and more. You can also visit to know more about CBD and its benefits. The fact that CBD products appear in so many industries – from cosmetics and food supply to pet-care – speaks for itself.

So let`s have a brief overview of the solid existing data and try to understand whether the CBD industry is here to stay or it is one more trend from fitness bloggers and untraditional medicine enthusiasts, that will fade away in a couple of years.

Pain relief

The first documented descriptions of cannabinoids’ ability to relieve pain date back to 2900 BC. Due to modern science, nowadays we may finally give a detailed explanation of this effect. Our body has the so-called Endocannabinoid system. It produces natural cannabinoids that help us overcome physical and mental discomfort, including pain. By ingesting cannabinoids like CBD we literary complement the natural process that is already programmed in our bodies. That is how cannabis helps to relieve pain.

Natural antidepressant

Anxiety and depression caused by the stress of everyday routine and social life are the ultimate curses of modern humanity. Especially those who live in big cities. Being judged and evaluated all our life – from pre-school, through career goals and social media likes to health rates, we constantly live under pressure. Antidepressants became an integral part of big-city life. They are prescribed every day to more and more people including children, turning drug manufacturers into multi-billion corporations.

Most of them, like benzodiazepines, have numerous side effects. Headaches, sexual dysfunction, and insomnia are the most innocent of them. Not to mention the fact that they are highly addictive. Cannabinoids like CBD have the same effect on the nervous system but without the harsh side-effects. At the same time, being the non-high element, CBD is non-addictive, which makes it a healthier and safer alternative to traditional anti-depressants.

Anti-acne effect

Acne is a common problem not only for teenagers but also for at least 10% of grown-ups all over the world. With the modern pressure of social media and attractiveness standards, acne is not only a dermatological problem nowadays. It may have a deep phycological impact even a long time after the puberty years.

The problems with confidence and self-respect that are so common among modern youngsters often start with skin imperfections. The modern market is full of prescribed and over0the-counter products aimed to ease the symptoms of acne and its aesthetical effect. Recent research showed that CBD Oils are potentially effective among the core-problem that causes break-outs.

Therefore they may be considered as an anti-acne treatment. First of all, the anti-inflammatory effect of CBD is widely known and recognized throughout centuries. Also, clinical research showed that CBD prevents sebaceous glands from producing extra sebum – the main reason for acne.

Substance-abuse treatment

Addiction might be called another curse of modern society. While there are numerous methods of medicated and therapeutical treatment of substance abuse, they are all very individual and most of the time – quite costly. At the same time, most therapies, whether medicated or psychological are simply based on the replacement of one addiction with another – an illegal or greatly harmful substance with a legal one. Due to the recent research, CBD cannabinoid influences the work of the liver – an organ that is responsible for morphine dependence. Therefore it may potentially be used as an efficient anti-addiction therapy. The research goes on, but even now, scientists claim the reduction of drug-seeking behavior in most patients.


Along with the study of the benefits of CBD products on our bodies, it is important to learn about all possible side effects and contraindications. CBD Box Factory – a custom CBD packaging manufacturer, that contributes to raising awareness of CBD products, welcomes entrepreneurs and customers on their social media and explains the importance of total disclosure about every CBD product.

Though CBD cannabidiol is well tolerated, there might be some side effects of using CBD Oil and other products. Especially – the ingestive ones. The most common side-effects are:

  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Change of appetite
  • Weight loss or gain

Although those side-effects are not as common as those that appear during taking synthetic medications, especially anti-depressants. They mostly depend on the personal sensitivity of a patient. Another important factor to consider is that CBD may correlate with some medications. That said, it is important to stay responsible and consult a qualified professional before introducing CBD-based products into your routine.