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Basic Rules For Carpet Cleaning At Home (Carpet Bright UK)

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By Kaleem Ullah

Every person has his/her favourite means for domestic carpet cleaning London. Some people prefer to buy household chemicals to enjoy a quick result without effort. Others choose environmentally friendly folk remedies. It is important for them to protect their families from the harmful effect of chemicals exposure and to restore their carpets in the safest way possible. Others rely on modern appliances, like washing vacuum cleaners or steam generators. Can we say that some of them are right and others are wrong in their choice? Of course not. 

Following their preferences, budget, and capabilities, everyone gets the desired result. We have collected for you some of the most effective methods for carpet cleaning at home.

How To Find Your Method For Carpet Cleaning?

What factors are important when choosing a method of solving the problem:

– time spent;

– cost;

– the result obtained;

– convenience.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Everyone finds his own optimal solution. Many people resort to professional carpet cleaning procedures, which is the easiest and most effective way to restore your carpet. There are many advantages to using Upholstery Cleaning London services – professionals have the needed experience, eco-friendly preparations and expensive equipment to get the job done. Most carpet cleaning London companies use steam carpet cleaning method, which is an excellent way to remove not only the surface dirt but to clean and disinfect the carpet in depth. Deep carpet cleaning has to be done at least once a year – this is the recommended minimum, given by carpet manufacturers.

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Domestic Carpet Cleaning With Natural Products

Others prefer the use of natural cleaning products that everyone has at home. The most available are table salt, soda, vinegar, household soap, hydrogen peroxide, tea leaves, and potato starch. These substances are diluted with water or used in powder form. It just seems that everything is simple, but there are nuances when using home products. For example, starch treatment is not suitable for a dark carpet. Even a powerful vacuum cleaner will not remove its remnants. The pile will become “grey”, faded, sloppy. Be careful with tea leaves and apple cider vinegar. It is not recommended to use them for a white carpet. Yellow stains will ruin the coating, you have to contact a professional carpet cleaning company to save it.

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Hardware Methods Of Carpet Cleaning

In this group we have included:

– dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner;

– wet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner;

– application of the steam generator for removal of stains, carpet steam cleaning.

Each technology has its pros and cons. For example, a carpet, made of natural silk and viscose cannot withstand contact with water. Such carpets are suitable for dry vacuuming or dry cleaning in an organic solvent. Do not carry out wet cleaning of carpets with a glued base. Water will destroy the adhesive layer, the base will be irreversibly damaged. Carpets should be blow-dried after wet cleaning. If this is not done, fungus and mould can get into the damp pile. Their appearance is usually recognized by an unpleasant musty odour.

Carpet Cleaning With Household Chemicals

The chemical industry offers various means for cleaning of tracks on the carpet. Before buying such a product, find information on the Internet or read on the label. It is important for which fibres it can be used. Examine the manufacturer’s information on the label or the back of the carpet. Follow the instructions on the bottle of carpet shampoo, stain remover, or rinse aid. This is necessary so as not to damage the coating. Otherwise, time, money and nerves will be wasted. Check any cleaner on a small inconspicuous area of ​​the pile. If the paint leaks or fades, do not use it.

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