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Ansoo Lake- A Breathtaking Wonder Lake in Kaghan Valley 

Pakistan has amassed a wealth of beautiful treasures from God and Naran Kaghan is one of those treasure lands in Pakistan. Ansoo Lake is naturally shaped like a tear which gives it a unique identity therefor tourists from around the world visit this place and gets the charm of its beauty. The fact that it is situated about 4245 meters above the sea level makes it one of the highest lakes of the Himalaya range.

It was founded by Pakistan Air force pilots in 1993. It is believed that accessing this lake is by no means an easy task for tourists. The lake keeps playing peekaboo with visitors as it remains undercover by snow or fog that makes it challenging to have a glimpse of this mesmerizing beauty. However many tourists who somehow manage to access the lake after long hours of trekking and are considered the lucky ones.
The best time to visit this lake is around July to August in terms of weather changes because it stays in the snow other than these months.

Routes to Ansoo Lake:

Despite the fact that reaching this beautiful piece of nature is an uphill task to perform many enthusiastic tourists try their best to access the point. Mainly there are two separate routes that lead to this lake.

1: The first way is a bit shorter but is sloping which begins from Lake Saifulmalook. The mileage for this route is about 7 hours. Ideal months to trek through this route is July to August at it remains covered in snow for the most part of the year.

2: The other route to Ansoo lake starts from the southern side of Naran. This track from Mahandri village will take you through jeep to Manoor valley. Manoor valley is another attractive spot for nature lovers to witness its beautiful waterfalls, lakes, etc. Here comes the toughest part of this journey where u have no more advantage of vehicles to continue. So from this spot, the trekking begins and after about 6 hours of the trek, the track gets steeper. Finally 4 to 5 hours later at the height of 14, 00 feet you get to a chance to see this beauty but only if you the Lucky one.

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