Amsterdam Winter Paradise

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By Kaleem Ullah

The RAI is a convention and exhibition centre that conducts Winter Paradise in Amsterdam, which features many indoor and outdoor activities like ice skating rinks, parties, and ferries that cover Amsterdam when a person is on the Ferris on top.

In detail, what you can do is-

The ice-skating zone is open every day, and it consists of outdoor and indoor ice rinks that are used together. 

For children aged six and under, there is a separate ice rink. You can curl on five lanes where you can participate in competitions.

The Winter Games area has an official shooting range and a 400-meter cross-country ski track. A Formula 1 course offers ice racing, a snowball arena offers snowball throwing, and skating Rank has a Bar situated in the middle.

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Molen de Steer organises a Christmas Market every 12 December. There will be 50 stalls selling delicious and beautiful goods in the yard and mill. You will find illustrations, poetry, felt artworks, and ceramics. The millers will also be present to show their skills as traditional woodcutters. You can warm up with gluhwein or snert (split-pea soup) or hot chocolate. Roast marshmallows over the fire are also possible. This market is pure cosiness. A Christmas choir performs during the market and is free of charge.

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The market, which happens to be on Sunday, showcases the works of all the designers, artists and creatives who are local Amsterdammers, especially in this market. You can discover original artwork and accessories at the Westergasfabriek or relax and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

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Ice Village 

In Amsterdam, there’s a Museum square known as Museumplein. Every year, this place is converted into a beautiful Christmas village and includes many activities like rink skating, live markets with music, and plenty of foods with drinks to keep you warm and in an enjoyable mood. Adding more information, last year’s Ice Village that is 2021 hasn’t happened, but next year 2022 will be taking place, including a Christmas market plus adding cafe-restaurant which will offer you guys fantastic food and drinks to add flavour to your trip. Spend a relaxing and memorable night at Bunk Hotel after spending a day at Ice Village Amsterdam.

Kerstmarkt Vreeland

Between Amsterdam and Utrecht is Vreeland, a small town with many cultures. Even though tiny, the city can know how to host a flourishing Christmas market. Make sure to visit the stalls by the local Vreeland artists, including hand-crafted clothing, jewellery cosmetics, and kitchen linens. For more information about the cancelled dates for the previous year and dates for the upcoming year 2022, check it out. And for your night stay, visit Bunk Hotel where we provide you with all the facilities.

Kerstmarkt Alkmaar

In the charming Alkmaar, this market for Christmas is held in Waagplein, situated in the heart centre of Alkmaar. This cosy market consists of 60 wooden Christmas homes or even more than 60. The market has stalls providing you with unique gifts and foods and drinks supplied in festivals like cakes with Christmas themes, jumpers, and glow wine. If you want to enjoy some performances like Santa crooning or a group of singers or a choir performing a song, do visit this place to make your Christmas week memorable. The kids will also have the opportunity to make their very own Christmas baubles and ski down a mountain on its simulator for skiing.

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Floating Christmas Market

It is the only market of this kind in the Netherlands. During Leiden’s Winter Wonder Week, the enormous floating event is the ideal place to experience the Christmas spirit. Over 100 warm winter chalets host beverages, food, and shopping. It’s worth the 35-minute drive from Amsterdam to soak up the riverside ambience while sipping hot chocolate or mulled wine. When you embark on skating or on ice or sit back and enjoy the live music, it’s sure to be a fun and enjoyable holiday trip.

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