American Cities basking in Technology

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The Athens of America, famously known as Boston, inspires in the world of art and liberty, and technology. Technology is taking root in most cities, exacerbating the growth of companies and cities; the cloud computing services Boston have tapped into the potential of making the city even better. Besides, the top technological cities in America, such as New York and Francisco, have been influenced differently by their growth. The technological infrastructure displayed by these cities has made them exponentially grow in business using the technology, available workforce, and strategic locations. 

San Francisco City 

Known as the home for Silicon Valley, the city houses big tech companies, Facebook, Apple, Google, Cisco, among other big tech companies in America. The city located in the Bay Area busk in the technology leading in innovation. It has lucrative tech startups, which ranks it well in the employability and thriving stat ups compared to other tech cities. However, the mojo for San Francisco on innovation in some years to come will be lost due to high competition, according to a KPMG survey. The cutting-edge innovation and technology in San Francisco attract tourists to it with business opportunities as it is the world’s leading tech-hub city.        

New York City

As it is famously known, the walking city prides itself on Wall Street and advancement in technological infrastructure. With the world’s top, largest, and busiest stock market, the New York Securities Exchange (NYSE) combines technology and business to form an ideal entrepreneurial tech city. It taps in the best minds from New York University, Columbia University, and Cornell Tech campus. It is the epicenter of business and technology fitted with beautiful tall buildings. The cost of living is somewhat high, and San Francisco is the second American Silicon Valley poised to surpass San Francisco in years to come.

Boston City 

The technology ecosystem in Boston favors it to expand more in the tech business. They are influenced by the availability of great institutions such as Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The city taps into the potential of the young entrepreneurs and harnesses their potential optimally for the benefit of the city. Boston has diversified the use of technology through systems as biotechnology in the health system, education system, among other sectors. However, the high cost of living and rent makes Boston quite inhabitable and sustainable for startups compared to San Francisco despite its excellent global ranking and city startups wowing Boston VCs. 

In conclusion, San Francisco, New York, and Boston City demonstrate too much technological potential and churning it to business. The cities are leveraging education and the local human resources such as startups to build a sustainable city. The tech career requires more practical skills, and the three cities among the 12 places you can kick off your tech career. It presents a thriving tech ecosystem with business and entrepreneurship agility. The systems and infrastructures are well-positioned for expansion and growth in technology in different sectors as health, education, and business. Despite the high cost of living in these cities, they present a good technological opportunity to scale up one’s career in tech. Who would not desire to bathe and bask in one of these cities?