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Acquisition of Polish citizenship by descent – you need to know that

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Confirmation of Polish citizenship by descent is one of the ways of acquiring citizenship in Poland. According to the current legal regulations, it means that an individual is of Polish origin but does not have his belonging to nationality confirmed. In such cases, it is crucial to prove an individual’s roots and find out if he is eligible for citizenship through ancestry.

In today’s article, we would love to focus on this issue and show you the list of requirements a foreigner has to fulfill before he decides to lodge an application in a Voivodeship Office. How long does the confirmation process take, and how to apply for citizenship by descent in Poland? Everything you need to know can be found below!

Research on Polish citizenship – where to look for help?

The first issue we would like to mention right now is the common way of becoming a fully-fledged citizen in Poland which is called citizenship through ancestry. As you may probably know, citizenship is passed via the right of blood. If one of your ancestors was born in Poland or its former territories and still resided there after the 20th of January 1920, there is a possibility you qualify for the whole confirmation process.

The Polish citizenship confirmation process relates only to the individuals who have their Polish roots confirmed but not their belonging to the Polish nation. What can you do to prove your origin? The most important step to take is to look for help from the Experts and let them assess your case individually. The Expert will probably ask you a lot of questions about your ancestry. The more evidence on your origin you have, the bigger chance he quickly finds valuable information that could help you with confirming citizenship in the future.

If you have any vital records of your family members, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, or old Polish passports, good for you. The found documentation might be helpful and what’s more, you are in a great position to start research on Polish citizenship.

Before you start worrying about research, it is worth mentioning that there is no need for you to do it yourself. . The Polish Citizenship Experts are here for you so you can focus on any other issues. Check Polish citizenship by descent on Five to Europe and contact friendly experts. They will conduct research across archives in Poland and other countries if it is needed and make the confirmation process as smooth as possible. We mentioned it on purpose! To conduct research on Polish citizenship, you need to have the knowledge and experience with such cases. The Expert will assist in the process and try to find more information about your family on your behalf.

How can you apply for Polish citizenship by descent?

The confirmation process might seem complicated. We completely understand it, and that’s why we are here to help you with the most difficult issues. What to do next if the research successfully came to an end? Once the outcome is positive, you have to lodge an official motion at the Voivodeship Office. As you see, the Voivode has the competence to confirm an individual’s citizenship. The final decision shall be issued soon. It usually takes from 3 to 6 months but do not worry! We have encountered some cases when it took less time. It is all about the complexity of your case.

At the moment you receive a positive decision on your citizenship application, you become a citizen of Poland and what’s more, also a European citizen which is truly fantastic. To enjoy the rights associated with it, you should also apply for a Polish passport. The document we just mentioned is an international travel document.

The application is less complicated. You just have to complete the required documentation, such as a citizenship certificate, polish birth certificate, and passport photo, and lodge it at the nearest Polish Consulate General. The Polish passport you will receive soon allows you to travel, work or live whenever you would like to within Europe.