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By Kaleem Ullah

You Can Sell Today!

Hi, my name is Darrin Lythgoe. And I’m on a mission to help you grow your bottom line by using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) that costs less than $5 an hour and can be up and running in only minutes!

Are You Tired of Your Business Being Stuck?

We’re all looking for ways to increase our revenues without increasing our cost of labour right? Well … new research says there’s a smarter way to do it this year – RPA (Robotic Process Automation). And the best part about it is that no new software needs to be written or procured. No servers need to be bought or set up. No integrations with other systems need to happen. And, perhaps most importantly for many of you, no coding skills are required to implement this strategy either!

So how does it work? Simply put … there is software that sits on top of your existing desktop applications (like the ones your employees use every day) and mimics a user interacting with those programs. The software robot can record/play back any series of steps performed by an employee to produce the desired outcome. These “robots” run 24×7 without lunch breaks, sick days or leaving early for the hockey game – up to thousands of times within the same minute!

Now if this sounds like I’m overselling it – trust me I wish I was but it’s exactly how it works.

It does however take a skilled consultant (that’s me) to show you how to apply this technology within your environment both quickly and painlessly … while simultaneously helping you discover where RPA can create the biggest impact for your bottom line.

Why Don’t You Let Me Show You How I Can Do This For You?

I’ll work with you one-on-one to leverage RPA technology in a way that’s customized for your business. We’ll identify areas that should receive the highest priority and then I’ll show you live examples of how quickly we can take your existing processes from “hard” to “easy”. In fact within 30 days, expect up to 3x more output from your current employees while simultaneously reducing headcount.

Does it really work like magic? Well … not exactly but close enough. And maybe even better because there is no messy incantations or floor powder required! 

What Clients Are Saying…?

Our client has been working with us for over two years now. They have seen their office move from 6 people with over 50% of their resources dedicated to supporting the back-office, to 3 people in production where they are now seeing up to 200% increase in performance!

Konrad, VP IT & Operations What is RPA? “RPA is a new software technology that uses automated tools to mimic the actions of human workers. It allows companies who are looking for an alternative to robotic process automation (where custom code needs to be written or procured), smart content management (where APIs need to be built) and cognitive technologies (machine learning algorithms).” “This approach can deliver shorter timeframes for change delivery, reduced risk of errors and greater accuracy than could be achieved by repetitive manual tasks.” How does it work? “RPA software sits on top of existing desktop applications and other systems. It provides a window into each application and it automatically detects when an action is required to be taken. As the user interacts with the system, RPA mimics these actions.”

“Robots run autonomously 24/7, don’t require vacation time, never claim benefits or ask for a raise; they are also less likely to file sexual harassment suits!”

Who should use this? “Any business process that can be standardized or codified to fit within one or more than one digital workflow engine should consider automation as an option. These tools help you transition from paper-based processes (that are inefficient) to automated workflows where everything is done virtually. Reducing human errors and costs will also be achieved with RPA.”

What are the main benefits? 

“RPA can drive significant cost savings since companies don’t have to invest in additional hardware, software or training. Rather than trying to find new people who can do this coding, businesses trust their current employees to carry on the work they’ve already been doing. The tools guide them through tasks that require repetition without any mistakes.” 


 “Many people believe that RPA is just another automation tool. However, the truth is that unlike other tools it doesn’t require any development or installation of software on your computers.”

First I want to give huge thanks for having me here. I’m really excited to share this with you today…

I’ve been working in IT for over 15 years now and have seen many technologies come and go – voice recognition, VDI, Machine Learning …the list goes on. It’s nice to see technology advancements but I often find myself thinking “well what do we need all these fancy new technologies for anyways?” As it turns out, sometimes you don’t need anything special at all …simply employing some well-established best practices can dramatically improve