A Massage Therapy Clinic in Citrus Heights

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In addition to relieving pain and reducing stress, massage therapy also reduces the risk of chronic illness. Aside from Swedish massages (including foot reflexology), Chinese tea, and a fresh linen bed, Good Hands Massage provides customers with Ashiatsu massages and deep tissue massages.

Full Body Massage

We offer both Swedish and Ashiatsu massage techniques for Citrus Heights Full Body Massage. Swedish massage therapists are recognized for their ability to relieve stress and relax muscles by letting go of tension. By using Japanese massage, Ashinatsu breaks down knots in deeper layers of muscles, which cannot be reached by a Swedish massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

Citrus Heights Deep Tissue Massage is beneficial if you have strained or overworked muscles. In addition to increasing flexibility and mobility, deep tissue massage untangles deep-seated blood vessels. Treatment of chronic diseases like arthritis has been shown to reduce pain. The method can be applied following an injury or stress to alleviate particular types of pain. Running a few miles might increase the pain in your back, sitting at a desk for the whole day might stiffen your joints, or taking the wrong staircase might result in persistent leg pain.

Reflexology (Foot Massage)

By contrast with deep tissue massage, foot reflexology does not require that the person remove their clothes. A Foot Massage in Citrus Heights Reflexology can benefit even those who are not able to take advantage of full services. Aside from balancing the body’s health, it can treat autoimmune diseases, inflammation, and mental illnesses.

At our company, combination massages let you enjoy several kinds of massage at the same time. When you check in to the spa, you will receive bathrobes and towels. A Citrus Heights office on Auburn Boulevard is available to book appointments.