A Guide to Improve Your Network Monitoring

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Even though the internet was created just a few years ago, now over 65% of the entire world’s population uses the internet. In fact, the number of internet users has multiplied by a factor of 13 just since the year 2000!

The world is learning more and more to rely on the internet for daily functioning. The internet has turned into a piece of essential infrastructure, like a road or electrical system. With such an important piece of technology holding up our civilization, of course, it needs to be monitored and maintained, just like our roads.

Of course, network monitoring technology can be very complicated, and people don’t always know how to maintain it. Read on to learn everything you need to know about network monitoring!

Reconfigure the Hardware of Your Network 

Configuring is a network enhancement process that lets new devices talk to your network. Without proper configuration, any new devices added to your system can slow down the whole system.

Just like it can help to turn off and turn on your computer to make sure everything is running properly, it can help to reconfigure all of your network’s hardware to make sure every device is on the same page. This is especially important if you have recently been adding many new devices to your network.

Make Sure That Your Users Are Using Your Network Correctly 

Server monitoring technology generally works very well. Most problems that occur are the result of human error. Therefore, improving network monitoring is often as simple as making sure that your users understand how to properly use the network.

Many businesses are perfectly willing to allow their employees to listen to music while doing their work. But employees may not know that streaming music is much more data-intensive than listening to downloaded music. One network enhancement trick is to make sure that all the users do as little streaming as possible.

Another network and server monitoring tool can be scheduling data usage. If certain data-intensive tasks need to be done at certain times of day, other tasks should be done at other times a day.

Focus Your Efforts on Just a Few Metrics

Extended network monitoring can be resource-intensive. You don’t want to waste time fixing things that will make only a small difference. Therefore, it is best to focus your efforts just on the metrics that make the biggest difference.

Different businesses have different network needs. If your company sends a lot of data to customers, then reduced latency might be a priority.  But in other cases, the important thing to do might be to decrease total data usage.

If you really want to make sure that your network is functioning as well as possible, you should ask for the help of qualified professionals. If you can’t get your network to function the way you would like, you can get in touch and learn why here.

Keep Everything Functioning Correctly With Quality Network Monitoring

We hope you were able to learn something helpful from this brief article on ways you can improve server and network monitoring. Proper internet is becoming more and more essential to the daily functioning business as well as in our personal lives.

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