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A Guide to Cabinet Drawer Slide Selection

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Selecting the finest drawer slides might be challenging. Making the incorrect decision might cause jams, difficult-to-open or-close drawers, or even damage. But what type of data are you going to need to make sure your decision is the proper one? The 4 elements that will help you make the appropriate decision in slides are described in more depth below.

Specified Drawer Weight

When looking for the finest drawer slides, the weight capacity is the initial and most crucial factor to think about. Every drawer slide has a certain weight rating or the maximum amount of weight it can hold. The kind of stuff you want to retain in this drawer should be clear to you at the beginning. Is it going to be a filing cabinet? Will be used for just light office supplies? Or might this drawer be used in a more industrial setting that calls for substantial weight support?

Usually, drawer slides have a 75, 100, or 150-pound weight rating. But certain ball-bearing slides can support loads of up to 500 pounds. Your options may be filtered & reduced to the ones that are best suited to your demands if you are aware of the weight of the burden you must carry.

Drawer Slide Mount Types

How could your drawer’s drawer slide be installed? There are 3 main ways to think about, each having benefits & drawbacks.

Slides for Center Mount Drawers

The central mount is the initial & most fundamental. Under the drawer is a central mount that is attached. A single slide runs the length of the bottom, at the middle. These mounts are hidden while the drawer is open since the slide is located beneath the drawer. This is beneficial if you want to showcase your wood cabinets. They are typically a more affordable option. Center mounts, on the other hand, often have lesser weight ratings, so they may not be the best option for a drawer that would carry larger objects.

Slides for Side Mount Drawers

Additionally available side mounts. Each of the two pairs of these side mount slides is mounted somewhat on drawer sides. These call for a space between both the drawer & cabinet opening (often around 1/2 inch). Although side mounts are more noticeable whenever the drawer is open, they may support more weight than center mounts.

For more side mount drawer slides you can check the side drawer slides working as a B2B business.

Slides for Under Mount Drawers

The 3rd choice is under-mounted. Although they also come in pairs, under-mount slides fasten to the drawer’s bottom. If you need to support a higher load but don’t want obtrusive hardware on the sides of the drawers, they are a suitable option. Although they could also be a bit more expensive, under mounts are quickly becoming an extremely popular industry option.

Drawer Extension Slides

How wide an opening do you need in your drawer? Drawer extensions are available in three varieties: full extension, over travel, and 3/4 extension.

Since 3/4 extension drawer slides are often used in office furniture, you presumably already know about them. Whenever the drawer is opened with the 3/4 extension, a portion of it is still within the cabinet. This is a cost-effective option that comes in a variety of mount types.

The drawer may be pushed out to fully reveal itself when utilizing full extension slides. It’s also known as “full access” at times.

The drawer may extend beyond its maximum extent because of travel. This is preferable if the desk lip or top extension hinders complete access to the drawer when just the full extension slides are used. These are characteristic of massive file cabinets as well.

Features of Drawer Slides

Additionally, drawer slides include a number of unique features that can be just what your facility needs. Nowadays, the majority of slides include soft-close capabilities, which provide a dampening effect to the drawer closure process. Self-closing slides are another option; they effortlessly pull the drawer well all the way in.

Additionally, you may prefer a push-to-open alternative, particularly if your cabinets are flat & devoid of knobs. These sliders simply need a little push before the drawer glides open in your direction. These slides may be used if your facility has to be hands-free.

For Your Needs: Drawer Slides

Knowing the specifics will help you choose the best slide, whether you’re placing drawers in a quiet office or a busy production area. For the best ratings, decide in advance what the drawer will be used for. To choose the characteristics that will best meet your requirements, consider who will be utilizing the drawer as well as what their demands may be. In order to obtain the correct fit, the right style, & the right price, be sure to verify whether any extra drawer hardware is required.