A Guide For Small Business Marketers To Go Live On TikTok

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By Kaleem Ullah

Are you planning to market your small business? Gen Z’s and millennials are your target audience? If yes, then TikTok is the right platform for your brand. TikTok is a treasure trove for marketers to utilize the tremendous marketing opportunities on TikTok. With 1 billion active users, TikTok has an unbelievable reach that helps you beat the competition. However, one goldmine feature for marketers is live streaming. If you go live on TikTok in real-time, it connects you with the prospective audience. Further, it is best to buy tiktok likes to get optimal results for your live videos. To improve the reach of your live streaming, follow the below steps and stay at your best. Let’s roll on this article!

1. Unlock TikTok Live

If you go live on TikTok, it increases the chances of making your business more familiar among users. However, remember that you can only go live on TikTok after fulfilling some criteria. It includes:

  • Your age should be at least 16 years.
  • If you are live streaming and like to receive gifts, your age should be above 18 years.
  • At last, you should have at least a minimum of 1,000 followers.

If you have opened a new profile on TikTok for your business, it is highly challenging to get the first 1,000 followers. You have to follow the essential strategy to enhance organic growth and bring many followers. If you strive to grow your follower counts, try to buy tiktok fans and quickly boost your profile reach. To be famous in a short period, here are a few necessary steps:

  • Create unbelievable and intriguing content
  • Choose niche influencers
  • Invest in paid ads

If you have astonishingly reached 1,000 followers, proceed further with the steps.

2. Set Up A Live Stream

Click on the selfie video mode on TikTok. At the base of the screen, click the +button. Then, under the round button, you will explore the options like 60 seconds, 15 seconds, and Photo Templates. Then, move over right to reach the LIVE feature, and tap it to start going live. If there is no Go Live button, you haven’t met the requirements set for the TikTok live streamers. Or many people have gone live on TikTok at the same time. So TikTok restricts as many people to go live at the same time. If it’s the case, wait for a few minutes until the Go Live button is available.

3. Include A Cover Photo & Video Title

If you tap the Go Live button, add the more attractive cover photo, and make sure to add a descriptive title that should entice viewers to join your live session. In addition, including hashtags will be great to enhance the discoverability of the live stream. There is a better opportunity to take your content to a potential audience. All you have to do is find the right hashtags using the tools that will save your time and help you to beat your competitors. Rather than using trending hashtags, it is best to create your own branded hashtags to reward your business in several ways.

If you want to use the branded hashtags for your marketing strategy, make sure to be concise with the following things:

  • Hashtags should relate to your niche, content, or brand value.
  • Hashtags should be intuitive.
  • Limit your hashtags on captions.

4. Use Filters To Make Your Content More Appealing

TikTok has more in-app editing features to create appealing content. While going on live, make sure that it has the proper lighting to best impact the user’s mind. However, to increase the conversation of your content, apply numerous filters and templates that entice users to watch your content. At this point, to enhance your content visibility, you can even best get buy tiktok views to increase your engagement rate effortlessly.

5. Engage Live Content

Going live on your smartphone is a good content strategy, but you can better obtain the optimal results with engaging content. If you are going to live, you have to consider a few things that will pave the road map to success. The factors are:

  • Determine your target audience
  • Discuss the enticing topics
  • Format of the content

Before you go live, understand your target audience to beat the competition.

Demographics: Age, gender, language, location, education, job, marital status, etc.

With TikTok Analytics, you can get the exact data and post the content on the active hours of the users. There are unbelievable choices of formats to go live on TikTok. However, to make your live session more interactive and get significant engagement with the following content-type:

  • An education streaming
  • A Q&A session
  • How to demo your products
  • A great product new launch
  • Behind the scenes
  • An interactive giveaway contests
  • Interviews with influencers or celebrities
  • Ask-me-anything session
  • A fundraiser

Over To You!

So, I hope that you have understood that now going live on TikTok will never be challenging. With the above use of the tips, you can best regulate your content and ensure the success of your small business by building a strong presence of your brand.