Buying Printer Ink Cartridges? Here are Some Mistakes to Avoid

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By John Wick

You don’t generally put in a lot of thought before deciding to choose printer toner cartridges! What if we told you that this is the place where you might go wrong? Yes, there are many minor mistakes that people tend to repeat and lose all brownie points while purchasing their printer ink cartridges suppliers.

Remember, if you buy the wrong option for your printer, it becomes expensive, as the ink required to print per page will increase and cause you a lot of overhead. To avoid this trap, be smart while shopping.

You can begin your search from the best eCommerce marketplace to sell online cartridges. A majority of shoppers are blinded by low prices and do not follow that path. Printer ink is expensive, and it is currently estimated to cost around 9,600 dollars per gallon. Always go behind quality products in the long term; they help generate ROI and offer reliable service.

Here are five blunders that you need to avoid in the future for being a smart shopper.

Hopping to a Standardized Size, Without Understanding Printer Needs.

This is the common mistake that people often repeat; it can significantly higher the page yield and leave you in casualties. If you are a company or an individual who has frequent printing needs, better don’t opt for a standardized option.

As this option is considerably cheaper, the maximum consumer gets into this deal without knowing future consequences. Manufacturers misuse cartridges and toners as warranty infringements because the shape, ink, size, formulations are specially designed for the specific printer. Without analyzing your printing and printer requirements, do not jump to conclusions. Seek professional help, if needed.

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Avoiding to Note Down Cartridge Model and Number

Knowing the brand helps but not entirely; you need to focus on different aspects too. Not every printer has the same requirements and will fit your printer. Cartridges come with a unique model code imprinted in them. Always make sure to track those codes and manage to get the best combination for your printer.

If you don’t have a used cartridge and want to know the model code, check your printer model. See the back or sides of the printer, as every printer is manufactured differently. Or check the manual guide to get perfect printer ink cartridges suppliers for your future needs.

Not Using the Compatible Option

When you are not using the compatible option, you are losing a lot of things. Your printer can go wrong, and you can not even claim compensation for that. Make sure you only go with a compatible cartridge by following the above-described way.

A useful and cost-effective way to avoid this problem is to buy from third-party toner cartridges suppliers. They will provide high-quality products in your budget and will also prove beneficial for long-term usage.

The third-party manufacturers offer budget-friendly options because they need to pay for additional expenses compared to the major companies like Canon and HP. If you are using your printer frequently, buy toners in bulk, this can save you a lot of money. Also, you can enjoy bulk discounts and pay less per cartridge; smart choice!

Refilling at Home

For the fact refilling at home is economical and ecological. They cost less than brand new ones because you are using the same casing every time. If you are using your printer for homework and assignments, this can save some instant cash.

There are some severe consequences attached, like low-quality ink and page yield. Some third-party manufacturers do tamper the ink quality for their profit. You might save some instant cash, but there is a bright chance you will end up with low-quality impressions.

Plus, refilling does require technical knowledge. You can watch a Youtube video for a step-by-step tutorial or read some blogs to get the core knowledge. However, you can still damage the contacts while refilling. This can make your printer go wrong in one day, and you will be compensating a lot more than what you saved.

Refilling isn’t the worst option; you can try only when you know the technical issues and use high-quality ink for the process.

Not Analyzing Page Yield

Last but not least, page yield can seriously cost you a heavy pocket pinch (much more than you imagined). The biggest downfall to this is you will be unaware that the cartridge is the main issue behind low page yield.

Every printer has a unique specification; you have to know your printer needs through the usual manual thoroughly.

If you are buying Printer Ink Cartridges online, look for the product description for the page yield amount. Page yield might vary according to printers; if you are more likely to print graphics, get a high yield toner to lower printing expenses.


Repeating any of these mistakes can cost you a considerable amount in ink cartridges and toners that do not suit your needs. Bad suppliers can handle second-rate products; try to keep valid information before using the ink cartridges.