8 most Important Facts to Know about Plastic Surgery

Not much is said about plastic surgery in Estonia. We would like to tell you about the 8 most important facts you need to know about plastic surgery. They will give a brief but fairly comprehensive overview of this area.

1. What procedures can be done?

Plastic surgery can correct the face, ears, nose job, eyelids, lips, chin, neck, chest, back, waist, hips and get rid of wrinkles. The face can be made younger, and the body more toned and proportional, making you feel much more beautiful and more confident. You can find out which procedure is necessary to achieve the best result for you at the consultation with a surgeon.

2. How much does plastic surgery cost?

Depending on the procedure, prices range from a few hundred to several thousand euros. Before you make a choice in favor of a particular clinic, it is worth doing a little research and finding out the cost of procedures in different places. Nevertheless, the price should not become the main argument when choosing a clinic – its reputation and surgeon’s experience are much more important.

3. How long does it take to recover?

Most plastic surgeries are performed under general anesthesia. This means that the body needs rest, rest, and time to recover. It is very important to listen to the recommendations of your doctor and clinic staff, and also to allow yourself the necessary rest after the operation.

4. What result can be expected?

At times, it happens that patients have too high expectations for plastic surgery. The choice of procedures is great and the final prognosis depends on the experience of the surgeon. Most often, after the procedure, the result is noticeable instantly, in some cases it is necessary to wait up to several months. We recommend that you clarify during the consultation how realistic your expectations are and whether it is possible to achieve the desired result using a particular procedure.

5. How long does the result last?

How long the result of plastic surgery lasts depends on the chosen procedure, lifestyle, genetics, and other factors. The results of some procedures last for a year, while the results of others last a lifetime. It is difficult to give a universal guarantee because every person is special.

6. Are there risks?

Any surgical intervention and anesthesia in one way or another are accompanied by certain risks. However, an experienced surgeon, operating personnel, and adherence to guidelines during recovery (such as quitting smoking) can help to keep them to a minimum. Despite the fact that the risks are minimal, they still need to be taken into account. You will be told more about all the risks at the consultation. Additional information can also be found on our home page in the procedure descriptions.

7. From what age can plastic surgery be done?

There is no specific age limit at Artia Clinic. Ears, scars, and moles can be corrected already in childhood and adolescence, breast augmentation surgeries are performed from the age of 18 (we still recommend doing this after childbirth). All other procedures are carried out depending on the surgeon’s assessment, medical indications, and specific needs. For more information, we recommend that you consult a surgeon.

8. How to choose a plastic surgery clinic?

There are quite a few clinics dealing with plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine. How to make the right choice?

  • Look at the clinic’s homepage;
  • Check with the Department of Health about the licenses and permits for the activities of both the surgeon and the clinic itself;
  • Read or ask a doctor about their experience and specialization;
  • Learn about the experiences of other patients;
  • Visit a consultation at the clinic you are interested in.

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