8 Fun Ways to Stay Active in The Winter

Winter leaves many people feeling sluggish and lethargic.  Staying home by the fire and eating sugary snacks can seem so much more appealing than getting out and being active.  However, if you make exercising enjoyable you are more likely to want to carry your fitness regime through the colder months.  Here are eight fun ways to stay active in the winter.

Have Some Snow Fun

Playing in the snow is a fantastic way to stay active during the winter.  There is so much to do from building a huge snowman to finding the biggest, snowiest hill you can and going sledding.  Alternatively, you could always organize your neighborhood into a snowball fighting arena, just make sure you don’t take the battle too seriously or hit any cars.

Winter Sports

Playing sports outside does not have to end just because the summer does.  There are plenty of games that can be played outside all year long and these will help to keep you active.  If it is a dry day, why don’t you get some friends together for a game of basketball or soccer in the park?  This way you can catch up with your buddies and keep active at the same time.

Ice Skating

If you love cold winter sports, how about heading to your local indoor ice rink and practicing your moves.  This will keep you fit and active and who knows, if you are good enough you could even try out for the next winter Olympics.

Take Outdoor Sports Indoors

If you don’t want to get cold playing outdoor sports, then how about taking them indoors instead.  You can play inside as easily as you can outside and all you need to move your game inside are some fastpitch softball pitching mats and some friends who want to get active too.


Another great way to stay active with your buddies during the winter months is by going bowling.  It may not be as energetic as running around a soccer pitch, but it is a lot of fun.  Try to beat the top score or see if you can remain the high-score champion week after week.  This could become a regular thing and get rather competitive.

If you plan to take up bowling competitively, you will need to get some essential gear first. Start by getting a comfortable and flexible bowling t-shirt. You can also improve your game by going for a bowling sleeve. Additionally, some nice grippy footwear and towels can help you start competing professionally in bowling tournaments.


Dancing is a wonderful way to keep fit and as it is done inside it is a wonderful winter activity.  Dance classes cater to lots of different styles such as salsa, ballroom, line dancing, and jazz.  If you don’t want to go to a class, then you don’t even have to leave your home to dance.  Move the furniture out of the way and get dancing to your favorite tracks.  This is a fantastically fun way to stay active all winter long.

Indoor Climbing

Indoor climbing has become increasingly popular in recent years and centers are springing up all over the place.  Don’t worry if you have nobody to go with as it is a very sociable activity, and you will find someone to partner with when you get to the venue.  You could even make some new friends and find a new favorite hobby.

Go For a Walk in A Mall

A mall is an ideal venue to do some indoor walking over the winter.  You can stop for a coffee whenever you want and chat with people as you go past different stores.  To stay active make sure you do some walking as well as some shopping though.

These are eight fun ways to stay active in the winter.  Now that you have these ideas on how to enjoy seasonal fitness you have no excuse not to do it.

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