6 Surprising Myths about Eye Health You Should Know About!

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By Kaleem Ullah

The eyes help us see everything around us. It is hard to imagine your life without the ability to see. As we age, our eyes can become blurry, and to slow the process why we need to take care of them. There is a lot of stuff about eye health that we hear, but is all of it true? Some of it might be, but there are a lot of myths regarding eye health as well.

Myths about eye health debunked

Myth 1: Carrots improve eye health.

Carrots are indeed rich in Vitamin A, which is beneficial for your eyes, but there are many other fruits and vegetables which are Vitamin A rich such as leafy greens, dairy, fish, and many other foods. Eating more than the daily recommended amount of Vitamin A will not make your eyesight better. Instead, focus on taking a well-balanced diet because it is rich in nutrients to benefit your whole body.

Myth 2: Reading in less light will damage your vision

Not having proper lighting while reading can give you an eye strain or tire out your eyes, but it does not hurt your eyesight. To avoid tiring out your eyes, keep the light on the page you’re reading instead of the side table or on your shoulder.

Myth 3: Sitting closer to the TV will lead to deteriorating eyesight

Similar to reading in dim light, sitting close to the TV can strain your eyes, but it cannot weaken your eyes. People may feel the need to sit closer to the TV because of poor eyesight – which means they need glasses.

Myth 4: Wearing glasses or lenses will weaken your eyesight

Your vision may worsen as you age, regardless of whether you wear glasses or prescription contacts or not. Wearing glasses may improve your eyesight at a young age. However, as you get older, your eyesight worsens, not because you wear glasses. Wearing glasses or lenses lessens the pressure on your eyes to see and makes things clear for you to watch.

Myth 5: Wearing glasses that are not yours impairs eyesight

Wearing someone else’s glasses does not cause weaker eyesight, but it can give adults an eye strain or a headache. However, kids should not wear glasses that do not belong to them because it can harm their eyesight as they are still developing their senses.

Myth 6: You cannot prevent vision loss

Early signs of vision loss include blurry vision, seeing flashes of light, double vision, etc. If these symptoms are caught in time, an Eye doctor in lahore can provide preventative treatment options. It is essential to get regular eye exams so that your doctor can identify such problems and provide treatment.

Myth: You only need to get your eyes checked when something is wrong

Getting regular checkups for your health, including an eye exam can help identify any indication of a disease. It can prevent vision loss, worsening cataracts, and other medical issues. Consult an Eye specialist in Karachi annually so that the doctor can evaluate if there is anything wrong with your eyes.


Eyes are precious as they help you see, and you should take care of them. However, misinformation can often do more harm than good, so you should know about these myths to be aware of what is good for your eye health.