6 Beautiful Places You Can Visit in Northern Europe

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By John Wick

Many people enjoy traveling abroad, but there are so many places to go it can be difficult to decide where to plan a trip to. Here are six beautiful places you can visit in northern Europe.


  1. Norway And Sweden’s Fjords

One of the best ways to visit the fjords is by traveling with northern Europe cruises. There are many fjords to choose from across the Nordic countries, but some of the most popular are the Trollfjord, the Sognefjord and the emerald fjords, all located in Norway. Cruises are a great way to view these stunning landscapes due to their locations on the coasts of these countries. You can also take advantage of the cruise format to go see multiple fjords and other natural wonders in one pre-planned trip.


  1. Finnish National Parks

There are several beautiful national parks in Finland, including Archipelago National Park, Hossa National Park and Pyhä-Luosto National Park. These parks have a wide variety of breathtaking landscapes and views. Like other national parks across the world, they offer a variety of activities you can participate in, including kayaking, island hopping, sailing, skiing and hiking. The parks also have information on various native animals you may see during your trip. Hossa national park also has areas where visitors can forage for mushrooms, berries and herbs.


  1. Lake Inari

Lake Inari is one of Finland’s natural wonders. It is one of the largest lakes in the country and is located north of the Arctic Circle, in the region of Finland known as Finnish Lapland. This area of the country is full of unique arctic landscapes and may provide you with the opportunity to view the northern lights, depending on the time of year in which you visit. The lakeshore is home to the Siida Museum, which is dedicated to the history and culture of the Saami, the indigenous people of Lapland.


  1. Senja Island

This island is the second largest one in Norway. There aren’t quite as many visitors as there are for the better-known Lofoten islands. Both locations boast spectacular natural views, but Senja island appears to the visitor to be more tranquil and untouched. There is a national scenic highway on which visitors can drive to take in the views by land. Be careful when making this drive, though, as it twists through the steep, craggy fjords and mountains.


  1. Reykjavik, Iceland

The capital of Iceland, Reykjavik is relatively small by the standards of European capitals, but it’s well worth the trip. This city boasts its own beautiful locations and cultural draws. It’s also a good central location from which to travel to all the beautiful natural scenery you have access to when you visit Iceland. You can visit Iceland’s beaches, hot springs and other unique landscapes if you want to get out into nature. If you prefer city living, check out the Old Harbor, where you can shop but also wander along the coastline.


  1. The Whirlpools of Bodø

While the northern lights may be the most famous natural beauty of the landscapes of northern Europe, they only happen under certain conditions. This makes it difficult to successfully plan to see them during your trip to this area of the world. However, there are many other natural wonders you can visit that are much more regular and easy to plan around. One of these is the whirlpools of Bodø. These whirlpools are part of the Saltstraumen maelstrom, a natural tidal phenomenon caused by the narrow straight in which the maelstrom is located and the push and pull of the tides. The whirlpools are located near the Børvasstindene mountain range, offering stunning views.


When you plan a trip to a foreign location, you should think about what you want to see and how you want to travel. For example, visiting inland areas may be difficult from a cruise, whereas if you want to ski in the Alps, you probably won’t be able to detour to a beach during the same trip.