5 Things to Do on a Mountain Vacation

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The stunning views! The fresh air! The natural beauty!

There are lots of reasons to consider taking a mountain vacation. Over 24% of the world’s surface is mountainous, so there are many opportunities to explore and find some joy in the high places. If you are planning to get away from it all in the mountains soon, here are five great ideas for activities you could do.

Read on to be inspired for your next great break in the mountains.

1: Hiking

A popular activity when you visit the mountains is to go on a hike. There are lots of trails that will allow you to enjoy the natural beauty of the area you are visiting. Trails are usually graded by difficulty, so it can be fun for all the family, and you don’t have to worry too much about getting stuck on a treacherous path.

Make sure you wear good walking shoes and take plenty of water when you go. A tourist information office will have plans for the local trails, or you can download an app to your cellphone that will let you explore the mountains.

2: Skiing

High up into the mountains where there is a good level of snowfall, you can go skiing or snowboarding. This winter sport remains one of the most popular mountain vacation activities. You should definitely check it out!

If you enjoy the thrill of whistling down a mountainside at a full clip with a brisk mountain breeze on your face, this is the sport for you. You need to have a reasonable level of fitness to really make the most of the activity. Fear not if you feel a little out of shape; you can always enjoy the apres-ski in the bar at the bottom of the slopes instead.

3: Flower And Herb Collecting

At a slightly more gentle pace, the mountainside can be a wonderful place to collect rarer herbs and flowers that grow on the slopes. You can find some impressive blooms at higher altitudes, and you can press them into an album to remind you of your mountain fun.

4: Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is experiencing something of a revival in the mountains of Europe. People are taking a trip across the frozen tundra with a ‘musher’ guide and the company of up to six dogs. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will allow you to take in the views and the thrills of speeding across the ice in your very own sleigh.

5: River Kayaking

Mountain lakes and rivers can be some of the most spectacular waterways in the world. The beauty of a crystalline fjord is something that you just need to experience by boat.

Why not take a kayak out and really sit in the majesty of the mountain-enclosed waters. The peace and quiet out on the gentle waves can not be matched and will be a memory for a lifetime.

Have an Amazing Mountain Vacation

Whether you want some high-energy octane action or a more tranquil, uplifting experience, a mountain vacation can have it all. Try something new in the mountains, and you may just have your best vacation yet.

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