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5 Amazing Ways To Use Hexagon Tiles

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By John Wick

The hexagon, a six-sided polygon, is a stunning example of a natural mimic and is frequently seen in the forms of snowflakes, honeycombs, and organic compounds. Particularly in the home decor and interior design sectors, this shape’s symmetrical and balanced geometry adds to its sense of uniqueness and specialness. If you find that square and rectangular tiles are too traditional, try styling with hexagon tiles, which can simultaneously bring some drama and individuality. The popular “hexagon” shape on the floor or wall will produce amazing results, whether it’s the accent wall in your living and dining room or the bathroom shower area. Check out these five gorgeous ways to incorporate hexagon tiles into your house.

Kitchen backsplash

For the ultimate “wow” factor, you can decide to use hexagon tiles to create an accent on the kitchen backsplash. Here, you have the option of painting your cabinets a striking contrast or going with a more subdued color for the hexagon backsplash tile. Alternatively, you might use a striking backsplash tile to make your kitchen stand out! Isn’t that a beautiful honeycomb pattern made of hexagon tiles?

Bathroom floors

Tiles are usually thought to be among the greatest flooring options for bathrooms. There have been several experiments with the use of intriguing shapes, materials, and textures in line with the most recent and continuing trends in the bathroom design industry. Thus, instead of sticking with the traditional rectangles, circles, and squares, why not go with a fascinating shape like a hexagon? You can even use your hexagon floor tile to make patterns for visually striking effects.

Bathroom walls

The walls of your bathroom, particularly the area surrounding the shower, have the power to convey the true essence of your design. The hexagon-shaped tiles in your bathroom not only add incredible aesthetic appeal but also shield the wall from moisture and damage. Either the wall behind your sink or the accent wall in your bathroom shower can be styled with hexagon tiles. What is the best that you know? That is, using the identical hexagon tiles that extend from the floor to the shower walls.

Foyer walls

The saying “the first impression is the last” is accurate! There are many ways to decorate the walls of your foyer or entryway, but wall tiles are among the most robust, long-lasting, and effective wall treatments. And if you have these hexagon black and white tiles on board, you don’t have to play a boring game. This captivating design replicates the illusion of a maze, giving your walls an extremely striking appearance.

Floors with multiple hexagon tiles

It’s always a good idea to use multiple hexagon tiles when styling the flooring in your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom. Because this shape is symmetrical, you can combine any variety of hexagon tile colors to make a striking pattern. And throughout it all, don’t forget to maintain light, airy, and sophisticated walls and furniture!


Hexagon tile design may be a great choice for your home if you like an eclectic and quirky aesthetic. You can experiment with different colors or just go with one color.