302000 Children Born in the World on the first day of New Year

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320000 Children Born in the World on the first day of New Year


UNICEF says that on the first day of the New Year, 320000 children were born worldwide, out of which 16,787 were born in Pakistan.


UNICEF says the first baby was born in Fiji by 2020, while more than half of global births took place in January in seven other countries. On the first day, 67385 babies were born in India, 46299 China, 26000 Nigeria, 13020 Indonesia, 10452 US, 10247 Congo and 8493 in Ethiopia.


“At the beginning of the year, we have to think about the future of our next generation, their potential and their potential for life,” Executive Director UNICEF Henrietta said in a statement.


The report says that in 2018, more than 2.5 million newborn babies died before they reach the age of one month, one-third of them do not have a second day of life, most of them died prematurely. Due to premature birth and delivery problems, more than 2.5 million babies are born each year.


According to UNICEF, the deaths of children under 5 have been reduced by more than half in the last 30 years, the main reason for these deaths is the absence of a trained nurse or midwife to care for mothers and newborns. The results are disastrous.


The World Organization believes that by focusing on human health globally, we can save more and more newborns. UNICEF emphasizes the need for global investment in health workers globally to ensure the safety of all mothers and children.