3 Best Ways to Make Joomla Development Faster

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3 Best Ways to Make Joomla Development Faster

You know about Joomla, right? It was created in 2003, and it is a content management system that is widely used by several developers around the world. Approximately, today you will find around 3 million websites that are successfully running on Joomla, and several are developed every day. The number is quite a big feat and you can already estimate the popularity of Joomla. It is also considered as the best CMS worldwide after Wordpress.

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Joomla helps to create attractive websites and a plethora of features are incorporated that helps to enrich a website. The options range right from personal to business. There are several benefits as to why developers choose Joomla. Some of them include RSS feeds, printable versions of pages, page caching, composer integration, multilingual support, and attractive themes. There are several CMS options available for the developers to choose from but Joomla has a special place in the web development industry. The major reason is that it offers great features that make the development procedure easier.

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Joomla is used widely by most of the developers and it had its first version as 1.5. Over the years, the ways of building a website have evolved greatly and Joomla platform has also made advancements according to the changing technology trends. Customer experience has evolved and several updates have been introduced since the time people started using it.

Tips to enhance Joomla Development

Here, we are sharing some great ways that will help you develop Joomla websites faster and with the help of our tips, a website can be easily developed using Joomla that is efficient, easily maintainable, and can be administered effectively. Let us go through some of the best ways that will help you develop your Joomla website faster.

Dive into the list of ideas that will help you develop Joomla websites. The ideas are figured with the help of experience gained by working on the Joomla platform for years.

1: Don’t use too many extensions

Extensions are the major selling points when it​ comes to content management systems. Extensions are nowadays available for every functionality and thus, there is no need to program everything. All you need to do is to install the functionality and customize it according to your wish. If you are new to using Joomla for website creation you will be surprised by the number of options available for adding different features to your website. You need to keep in mind, though, several options are available you should not install many functionalities. For a website that is developed on CMS, fewer extensions are recommended for great performance. It helps to limit the dependency of a website and it becomes maintainable.

The solution is to add extensions that are flexible enough and developing codes for simple features. You will have to develop Joomla websites with custom PHP or Javascript codes to enhance its functionality. There is a need to implement codes properly and overriding components so nothing gets broken during updates. It also doesn’t require much maintenance. This is a pro tip from years of experience and will work great.

2: Develop websites that are easy to administer

There are so many integrations​ used by the developers and the ways of implementing them are also different. Different techniques are used by different developers. By developing websites that are easily manageable, a lot of time is saved in documentation and training. Managing them will be easy as well. Joomla uses three main features to manage content, that are modules, articles, and components. With the release of Joomla 3.X, content can be managed from the front-end as well. Try to develop sites that can be managed in the same way. However, the task can be challenging for administrators who need to add new menu items often. Though such cases are rare, the entire process is sometimes frustrating.

There is a great way to handle this challenge. Creating menu items that can be only accessed by administrators so that they can be managed easily from the front-end. If you are adding extensions know how it is administered. If too much administration is required, consider looking for an alternative that is easy to use. Though too many extensions should not be used.

3: Consider security seriously

A major reason for sites getting hacked is not​ updating the content management system timely and not keeping the extensions up-to-date. Various updates in the newest version of Joomla that is 3.X have been in response to discovering new vulnerabilities. Malicious software can impact a website to a great extent. Let us know some of the common exploits:

  • Modifying core files that can break several functionalities of your website.
  • Uploading new files that have links to other malicious websites, it may cause Google to flag your website for containing malicious content.
  • Modification of the htaccess file for redirecting to other websites.
  • Bots sometimes register on websites and add spam links in comments.
  • Script implementation that sends spam e-mails from your server, or harvests email addresses from the database. It can result in adding the name of your domain to the email blacklist.

There are instances that something breaks on your website while you try to update Joomla or its extensions. You will think about restoring the latest backup and debug the issue later when you have some free time. This is the worst decision, instead, spend some time debugging issues upon discovery and it will help you save much time in the future.


Joomla can be very easily optimized and the websites developed on it perform great. It helps to make websites easier for the visitors and bots can easily access your piece of content.

Joomla also helps to improve ways of interaction, i.e how others interact with your website. Your content ranks aptly for the queries people make in search engines. Keep looking for ways to improve your development procedure. There can be profound changes in the behavior of visitors no matter if they are bots or people. Make your websites stand out.

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