15-year-old boy, his friends gangrape kitten to death in Lahore

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A Facebook post has gone viral on Pakistani social media, claiming that a 15-year-old boy from Lahore and seven of his friends gangrape kitten to death in Lahore.

Due to this heinous act of the boys, the condition of the cat became so bad that the parts of its body stopped working. The cat was reportedly taken to the hospital but could not be rescued. A Facebook page called JFK Animal Rescue and Shelter shared this post and some pictures of the cat on Sunday.

The doctor was quoted in a Facebook post as saying that the cat was in a critical condition when it was brought to the hospital. The cause of the terrible pain was that she could not sit, could not walk, could not eat or drink and could not sleep. Excess human sperm, blood, and plastic bags were removed from the cat’s body. The boys used a plastic bag to carry out this heinous act with the cat.