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Your Guide to the Pool Building Process

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Building a pool seems like an intimidating process. Working with a contractor like Flōridian can streamline the process due to their expert opinions and experience in the field. However, the process is still not entirely transparent. Here’s a quick breakdown of the pool building process from quote and consultation to relaxing days in the sun.

Pool Design, Quote, and Consultation

When you first meet with a contractor, you’ll go over the design you want with a professional contractor. First, you’ll get a quote on how much the installation will cost. This quote isn’t a final bill, but it can help you get an idea of what the final project will cost.

After you receive your quote and decide to work with the company, it’s time to start consulting about the design. Most firms will present you with a 3D model of the project, go over the conditions in your backyard, and offer feedback on what might work best. Here, you can negotiate materials based on the look you want and the price you want to pay. There might be several design revisions during this process, which can take up to several months to complete. 

Permit Acquisition

Once you know what you’re going to build and have a design finalized, you’ll need to apply for a permit to build a pool. This red-tape step can take some months on its own, so make sure to apply in advance of when you begin to start. Unfortunately, there is little you can do to speed up this process, so it’s mostly a waiting game. Once you have your permit in hand, it’s time to make the final design choices. 

Layout Planning

This is the first step that involves your backyard. Your pool builder will stake out the physical shape of your pool, look at elevation concerns, and go over what the rest of the building process will look like. This step only takes a few days at most. 


The excavation process can last a few weeks depending on the physical features of your yard. During this step, the pool builder will bring in heavy machinery to remove the dirt in your backyard. They’re hollowing out a space to start building your pool. Obstacles like utility lines, natural gas lines, sewer pipes, and trees will be dealt with at this stage. 

Frame and Plumbing

Once the proper space has been excavated, it’s time to install the frame and plumbing. The steel frame gives your pool shape and structure. This step may take a few days, but you’ll be able to see your pool’s shape in a more physical capacity than before. 

Then it’s time for the plumbing. This step can take a little longer, as it’s important for your pool builder to get it right. These lines allow you to use your filter, heater and pump to maintain your pool. Plumbing installation may take a week or two depending on your situation. 

Electrical Installation

If you’re using lights, special features like waterfalls, or fountains, you’ll need to have electricity running to each fixture. Your pool builder will take a day or two to make sure that wiring is completed and set up properly to avoid fees later on.

Wall and Floor Installation

Now the real work can begin! At this point, your pool builder will begin installing your walls and floor. The time this takes can vary based on the material you chose. It’s also dependent on the weather, so it may take longer if there are days when no work can be completed. Expect at least 30 days, but it may take double this time or longer for the walls and floor to be properly installed. 

Aesthetic Options

Once the walls and floors are ready to go, it’s time to add your aesthetic options. Tiles, linings, decks, and more are installed during this step. If you want a very specific design with multiple features, a full deck, and landscaping, it might take six weeks or longer to get everything properly installed and looking great. 


Finally, it’s time to fill your pool! In this step, you’ll fill your pool with water, install the pump, filter, and heater, and add the proper chemicals to make sure it’s safe to use. Depending on how fast you complete these steps, it can take up to two weeks to have your pool fully ready for use. 


Though the pool building process seems complicated, it’s simpler than you think! Keep in mind that all of these factors can change based on the pool you want, the designs you choose, and nature. Each pool is different, so make sure to communicate with your contractor about the process!