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If you are a music lover and you love to hear songs from YouTube in your free time when your other work stops, then we are here with a wonderful alternative for you to hear songs. The website name is This website allows the user to download the song from YouTube in different quality and formats for free. The website name is Y2 meta, but people around the world are searching for this site as Y2 Meet com or Y2Meet dot com.

Today in this article, we will try to share complete information about this site and how this site works. So, stay with us to know the features of this site and understand the ways to use this site.


This site enables its users to download the song from Youtube and other online platforms without any restriction or limit. It has many good features like downloading videos from Youtube and other online platforms like Dailymotion in different video formats or allowing the users to convert the video into MP3 format.

This website has different languages according to that region or place. The site offers limitless downloads with high-speed tools. You can download the video or MP3 songs from YouTube or other platforms from the internet and allows you to save them in your mobile or PC storage.

Steps to download the songs using Y2mate .com

To download the songs from or any other platform from the internet like Dailymotion, you need to follow these steps:

  • Search for your desired song from different platforms like youtube or Dailymotion on the internet.
  • Once you find the song online, copy the URL of the song and paste it into the available space online.
  • Now choose your desired format for the song from available formats either in video type or MP3
  • Now click on the start button to start the download of the song in your desired format.
  • After downloading the song in your desired format, right-click on the downloaded song and save the film in storage.

After downloading the song in device memory, you can listen to the song anytime you want and enjoy it.

Is Legit?

It is very crucial to determine the authenticity of the website before using it because we allow these websites to operate around the device. These websites ask for different permissions and after allowing them, these sites could consume your data for different purposes.

Y2 Meet com is developed two years ago dated March 23, 2019. In just two years, the website became very famous and got users from all over the world. Additionally, the website maintains the arrogance indicator of 68%, an ordinary percentage that allows the users to believe.

After spending hours in search, we have found another site with a similar name. Both of these sites are very similar if we compare the attributes of these sites. So it is very important to undergo all the reviews by the users of the site to choose the right one for you.

Users’ Reviews

We have collected the reviews of both of these websites and according to the users of these websites, both of the sites are very great. Users of both websites have the same issue with their sites, both sites have website redirects with other useless sites. Both websites divulge a lot of advertisements that irritate the users most.

Using Y2mate com 2022, you can download your favorite songs but it is a fact that this site can add viruses to your devices i.e. mobiles, PCs, etc.  Regrettably, with so many advantages,  Y2mate .com has many disadvantages as well. So, we are not able to obtain exact testimonials of


In today’s life, people do not want to download, they prefer to play the songs online. But one thing that encourages the users to use websites like Y2mate .com is, nowadays the majority of music programs require a subscription.

We have shared our opinions on Y2mate .com impartially, completely based on the reviews of the users of the site. Now selecting or rejecting the Y2mate com is completely determined by your selection. Now the website is two years old and we recommend you to visit the online reviews of Y2mate com before using the website.

Please share your valuable comments in the comments section below if you have experienced Y2 Meet com.