Would you like to eat Corona burger?

The Vietnamese chef surprised the world by introducing a corona burger similar to the deadliest coronavirus.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, the deadliest epidemic of the coronavirus has spread its fear all over the world, but the Vietnamese chef made a burger instead of being afraid of the virus.

The chef unveiled the Corona Burger last month, which has been in increasing demand. The foreign news agency says that Vietnamese chef Hoang Tung was the first to make a corona burger, which is now famous all over the world and now other countries are also making corona burgers.

Speaking to the media, Hoang Tung said that people can easily eat Coronaburgers and they will not get the epidemic of COVID-19 by eating burgers. The owner of the restaurant says that we have also installed an antiseptic spray gate to enter the restaurant while the best arrangements have been made inside the restaurant to be safe from the virus.

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