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Why use SEO for your business?

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By John Wick

Are you considering using search engine optimization with your company? Or are you perhaps already working on this, but you are not yet sure what the advantages and disadvantages are? Read the most important insights below!

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO from SEO company is a collective name for all techniques that focus on optimizing and improving your website or webshop for findability in search engines. Think of having your website technically in order, writing relevant content and the authority of your website. These are the three main pillars of SEO. 

SEO for business

Benefits of SEO for your business

97% of all internet users use search engines. This says enough about how important it is to be easy to find. SEO helps you with that!

SEO gives you more awareness on the internet

With SEO Sydney you ensure that your website becomes easier to find in search engines. This will generate free traffic to your website. Effective SEO will help you rank higher in the search engines. The higher you rank, the more likely people are to click on your website. The top 3 is the aim here, because these are the positions that most people click through. Below is an example that shows this.

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SEO also has a positive effect in the long term

The big advantage of SEO is that you do not have to pay for visitors who come to the website via organic results. The organic results are the results that appear under the (sponsored) Google Ads. In addition, pages that are high in a search engine continue to bring visitors to your website. This can be beneficial for months or even years. For example, a page that was written a year ago can still provide a daily flow of visitors.

You are not limited by budget

Because you are high in the search engine without paying Google or Bing, you save a lot of money for a place in a top position (after the ad results). The only thing you have to invest in, if you want to use SEO in the right way, is time and knowledge. So don’t underestimate it! A seo consultant can provide his services to your benefit.

SEO attracts the right visitors through relevance

The information you provide to your target group is defined by the keywords they enter in the search engines. This means that your target group is looking for your products, services or knowledge. This while the advertisements within the search engines are not always perfectly matched to the keywords of the user. Research shows that due to the fact that organic keywords are often more relevant to the user, the eye often falls even more on the organic search result than on the advertisement. This while you would not expect this since within the search results the organic search result is lower than the advertisement.

SEO creates trust

Is your website at the top of a search engine? That is good news. Being high in Google is often associated with authority, which improves the reliability of your website or webshop!