Why Self Care Isn’t Selfish?

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By John Wick

To strike the perfect balance between family, work and social life we often leave ourselves behind. And if we get a chance to steal a day or a few moments for ourselves from the daily grind the guilt follows, but that shouldn’t be the case.

Self-care is not synonymous in any way with being selfish. Self-care is just about taking care of yourself or helping yourself before you lend a helping hand to others.

What is self-care?

Self-care can be described as self-initiated choices or acts that an individual makes in order to enhance their own mental, physical and emotional health.

Self-care includes everything from staying physically healthy and hygienic to watching your favourite movie or eating your favourite meal.

However the definition of self-care is different for everyone, it will keep on evolving for yourself too.

It is basically just about checking in with yourself and asking yourself how you’re doing and providing yourself with everything your body is asking for.

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How can I take better care of myself?

Getting started with self-care can be a real challenge. Keep on reading if you want to know how you can find time and make a tiny space in your daily life for self-care.

  1. Build a healthy foundation for yourself by getting enough sleep. Make your sleep your priority and maintain a consistent sleep schedule.
  2. Favour yourself by choosing a healthy diet that contains enough fruits and vegetables and is free of processed foods.
  3. Stay well hydrated, drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water in a day.
  4. Include physical activities in your day. If you’re not into intense workout regimes try doing simple stretches or going for a walk. You can try dancing or riding a bike too.
  5. To start your day better, try getting up early and taking a nice warm shower before you begin the daily grind. You can also include a shower in your routine after a long day. It’ll help you unwind and sleep better.
  6. What you wear matters a lot. Don’t go for what everyone is wearing and what’s in. Rather go with wearables that speak to you and make you feel comfortable and confident.
  7. When you feel low on energy during the day, wash your face with warm water or go for a ten-minute stroll around your house or office. In short, do what it takes to freshen up and lighten your mood.
  8. If you are a screen junkie, take breaks from your computer and phone at least after every hour. Or maybe take a day off from screens and enjoy a day connecting to yourself.
  9. Trust us when we say getting outside or outdoors is the breath of fresh air your body and soul are looking for. Be your own companion and go for a walk in the park, have lunch in the parking lot of your office or go to the beach for the weekend.
  10. Being productive is great, but taking a day off every once in a while and reading your favourite book and watching your favourite show is good too.
  11. Stay away from people and situations that set you off or trigger you. It is advisable to set limits and keep your guard up at all times.
  12. Don’t stress, no matter how much we emphasise this point we all stress over some things. But it is important to know that no matter how much we stress nature keeps on flowing like it is supposed to. So it’s better to let things be without running after them.

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