Why Is Kashmir Day Celebrated In Pakistan?

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By John Wick


Kashmir day is observed every year on February 5. This day is celebrated to spread awareness about the freedom of Kashmir from Indian rule. This day was observed for the first time in 1990 when the Kashmir day declaration was made. It is celebrated on the same day every year.

In 1989, the Pakistani military planned a military operation to enter the Kashmir valley. But, before the operation, Pakistan made its final appeal to the international community to stop the Indian atrocities in Kashmir. Pakistan also decided to observe “Kashmir day” to honor the Kashmiris.

Now, the day is Kashmir day and is observed on February 5 every year to show support for Kashmir and its inhabitants. February 5 is the day of remembrance for the distressed Kashmiris and the day when the Kashmir Freedom Movement started. The movement is still going on, and some Kashmiris are still fighting against the cruelty of the Indian administration. You can get more information about Kashmir Day from, and you can also get free Kashmir Day Poster, poetry, and quotes.


What is Kashmir Solidarity Day?

Kashmir Solidarity Day is a day to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir, who have been suffering under the Indian occupation since 1947. In 1990, the day was observed for the first time. This year Kashmir Solidarity Day will be observed on February 5. The day shows the world the atrocities being committed by the Indian government on the Kashmiris.

In 1990, Kashmiri leader Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah called for a day of mourning and protests against the Indian government’s “occupation” of the state. The day of mourning became a day of protest, and it was officially declared a Kashmiri holiday in 1996 by then-president Farooq Abdullah. It’s now known as Kashmir Solidarity Day (KSD), and it’s observed each year on February 5.


Kashmir Day In The International Arena

In the international arena, “Kashmir Day” was celebrated for the first time in the United Nations on February 5, 1982, by the Pakistani mission in collaboration with Pakistan’s mission to the UN. The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution on February 5, 1982, calling for the Kashmiri people to exercise their right to self-determination. Since then, every year, the UN celebrates “Kashmir Day” to emphasize the Kashmir issue and demand the right of self-determination for the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Kashmir conflict is an ongoing territorial conflict primarily between India and Pakistan, with Kashmiri nationalists also fighting for independence or unification with neighboring Pakistan. The Kashmiri separatists have been fighting since 1989 when the Kashmir Valley erupted in protests against Indian rule. India claims the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir as its integral part of the Indian Union. The Pakistan-controlled part of Kashmir is divided into Azad Kashmir and Gilgit–Baltistan (formerly Northern Areas). India also claims that the People’s Republic of China controls Aksai Chin.


What happened on Kashmir Solidarity Day?


On February 5, 1990, Kashmir Day was celebrated in Pakistan for the first time. This was due to the efforts of Mr. Ghulam Mohammed Shah, who was the president of the Pakistan Kashmir Committee. Kashmir Solidarity Day is celebrated on this day in Pakistan. During this day, people from Kashmir and Pakistani protested against the Indian government to get the right of freedom of Kashmiris. Kashmir Solidarity Day is a day to protest against India and draw the world’s attention towards the issue of Kashmir. The Kashmiri people have been protesting for many years, and they have the right to be free from the Indian government. According to the United Nations, the Kashmir issue is unresolved. The Kashmiri people have been protesting for many years to get the right to freedom from India.


Today, February 5, is celebrated as the Kashmir solidarity day. It is celebrated to show that Kashmir is not free from the Indian invasion. India has occupied a big part of Kashmir and does not let the Kashmiris live peacefully. This day is celebrated to remind the world of India’s injustice done to Kashmiris. It is also celebrated to show the world that Kashmiris will not stop fighting for the freedom of their state. It is also celebrated to show the world that Kashmir is still disputed. Thousands of people gathered to celebrate this day in Pakistan and Kashmir. They were shouting slogans against India and were demanding the freedom of Kashmir. The first-ever Kashmir Solidarity day was celebrated in 1990. It was observed on February 5 in Pakistan and some other countries.



You can celebrate Kashmir Solidarity Day by raising awareness of the Kashmir conflict or by using the day as an opportunity to raise funds for a charity that supports the people of Kashmir.