Why Invest in a 3D Scanner for Your Business?

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3D scanners have revolutionized a wide spectrum of industries, from architecture to fashion to archeology. Structured light scanners work precisely and rapidly. 3D scanners scan an object many times from every angle. They then turn a physical item into a virtual one within a matter of seconds.

Obviously, this can bring about many benefits for all kinds of businesses. But what are some of the biggest benefits of 3D scanners? That’s a great question. So keep on reading if you would like to learn more and we will take you through the top benefits of 3D scanners.

1: Saves Time in the Design Stage

Maybe you need to design a new part for an item that already exists. You can easily use a 3D scanner to reverse-engineer a new object.

The scanner can get into every nook and crevice of the current product and provide you with precise dimensions of the space where a new part needs to fit. These scanners also save time when you need to make an alteration to an existing design.

2: Makes the Prototype Process Faster

In order to make a prototype that is accurate, you often need to make multiple attempts. Thanks to 3D scanners, the process can take place over a much shorter amount of time.

In fact, you can reduce the number of prototype cycles that are needed during the production and design stages with 3D scanning. A scanner will measure the cross-sections and identify areas where the product is warped. However, it’s also going to save information that is related to the scan.

When it finally comes time to scan a new version of your prototype, it will be easy and fast to compare information between the different versions.

3: Fast and Comprehensive Quality Control

A 3D scanner is so helpful and accurate that many of the major museums in the world now rely on these devices to preserve some of their most precious and delicate artifacts.

The scanner is able to check the composition of the material. It can also determine the volume of the item.

These benefits can also be utilized in industries like manufacturing. It is possible to check the quality of stability, scale, and design of an item with close precision.

With 3D scanners, it is possible to check the full shape of a manufactured object with the original CAD (computer-aided design) design and immediately find deviations. It is able to present the data in a 3D whole deviation color visualization.

4: Ability to Remanufacture Parts Without CAD

When it is necessary to remake a park that started before CAD software was around, 3D scanners able to make it possible to create accurate recreations.

You just need to simply scan an old object and use reverse engineering software to make a CAD model. The 3D scanner can then be used to compare the prototype of the old part that you just made to check for precision.

5: Easy to Compare Designs to Manufactured Products

Another big benefit of these 3D scanning devices is that they have the ability to compare the as-built model of a product to the as-designed model. This makes sure that the original vision has come to life as it was intended. This is, of course, an important measurement of success.

Comparing designs to manufactured items isn’t just about quality control. It is also used to make sure that the manufactured item is going to fit as needed. Whether that is for a car, plane, or toy robot.

6: It Can Be Used in Practically Any Industry

No matter what industry you are in, you can probably find some way to utilize 3D scanners to benefit your business.

Are you in the medical industry? If you are, then you can use 3D scanning to quickly and easily perform complete body scans. Once you have this scan information, you can monitor changes in your patients’ bodies over time.

In archeology, you can create digital replicas of ancient artifacts. This can help better visualize what sculptures, pots, and buildings looked like after they were first produced.

With 3D technology, archeologists can more effectively preserve cultures and artifacts.

In forensics, 3D scanners are used because they are accurate, flexible, and mobile. Insurance companies, police squads, and even attorneys use 3D scans to help them do their jobs better.

Before 3D scanners, forensic detectives needed to take physical measurements and photographs. Now, they can recreate crime scenes with 3D scanners. This makes it easier for them to catch criminals and understand how crimes were committed.

3D scanners are so accurate that they are now used in courts of law all over the world. And these scanners even work in direct sunlight. In these instances, it would make the most sense to use a portable 3D scanner instead of a stationary one.

The Importance of Knowing Why You Should Invest in a 3D Scanner for Your Business

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you now have a better idea of why you should invest in a 3D scanner for your business. As we can see, investing in a 3D scanner will likely make your job easier and more efficient. You will be able to respond to the market more quickly and thus be able to beat out your competition while satisfying your customers.

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