Why do we need distinct scents on different occasions?

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By Kaleem Ullah

It is really common that we used distinct scents on different occasions. Although perfumes reflect the personality of a person. It is pleasing that people use perfume before going out of their home and after taking a shower. In addition, perfume boxes placed on the vanity or dresser look really presentable. Also, this shows how much a person is concerned about his health. Further, every scent is not suitable for every place. You can be picky about the scents according to the occasion. However, the fragrances vary from occasion to occasion.

The perfumes have basically categories or notes. One is the base note, the other is the middle or heart note, and the third is the top note. They are designed for different purposes. The top note grabs the attention or piques the curiosity. The additional advantage of using such perfumes is that you immediately smell the fragrance when the perfume interacts with your skin. The smell of top-note perfumes is relatively strong. Whereas the middle note comes after the smell of the top note fades. Lastly, the base note is what remains for the longest. They are the smell that is remembered by all.

Day to Day wear perfumes

The day-to-day perfumes are known as EAU DE PARFUM, abbreviated as EDP. They usually last for more than five hours or you can read from the perfume boxes. However, the scent of such perfumes is slightly lighter and less pitching. They come in pocket-friendly packaging. Which can stay in your bag or car to refresh yourself anytime you feel. Further, the fragrances are mostly floral, fruity, and musk, which are packed in printed cardboard boxes to attract customers. The quality of the perfumes depends on how much it lasts. Similarly, these scents contain 8%-15% of essential oil. Moreover, they are considered expensive perfumes due to the high presence of base oils.

After shower perfumes

EAU DE TOILETTE abbreviated as EDT perfumes are the most purchased perfume. People who do not like fragrances like to buy these scents to maintain good hygiene. These perfumes are used after taking a shower. They have less lasting time and usually last for two or three hours. As the name depicts, these perfumes are kept on the shelves of the toilet. So after taking shower they are used to remaining fresh and active. However, several times reapplication is also required because their scent does not last that much longer. According to perfume boxes, these perfumes contain 4%-8% of essential oils. Which are also beneficial for the skin.


Cologne has the least presence of essential oils. It is because they are usually made for those who do not like perfumes. Like kids who do not need any scents. But can use cologne. The percentage of essential oils in cologne is 2%-4%. However, they are suitable for everyday use. The scents do not last long so you have to refresh after every one or two hours. Similarly, they come in funky printed cardboard boxes. Which grabs the attention of children. The packaging is also user-friendly. Children can keep them in their school bags.

Further often the cologne packaging has prints of animated characters. Which entices children to purchase them. Therefore, it is a nice way to encourage children to use scents from an initial age. The perfume boxes also contain all the essential ingredients from which the perfumes have been made. Non-alcoholic perfumes are the best for the skin. Although, they do not last as much long as alcohol does.