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Why A Leased Line Connection Scores Over A Shared Broadband For Your Business

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Broadband connections are widely popular. They are an easy, convenient and economical way to get online. And with numerous internet service providers, making available the widest range of broadband packages, choosing the best broadband in Bangalore that fits your internet usage bill completely – is indeed effortless. 

But despite its widespread use and many advantages, the drawbacks of a broadband connection are a major setback for business use. No wonder, when it comes to business use, a leased line connection scores over a shared broadband connection on numerous fronts. Read through to know why a leased line connection is a better pick for your business.

Leased Line Connection Vs Broadband

A leased line is a dedicated internet connection. It is laid out as a direct connection between an ISP and the business location. This point-to-point internet signal transmission comes with a fixed bandwidth. 

On the other hand, broadband is a public connection. The internet signals transmitted through the cables are shared between multiple users with each user jostling to use the available bandwidth. 

Advantages of Leased Line Over Broadband

Big business houses typically rely on leased line connections for fast and uninterrupted internet connectivity. However, small and medium enterprises are also opting for a dedicated leased line, thanks to its many advantages. A few of them have been discussed below:

Non-Contended Signal 

A leased line connection is non-contended. This implies that it is a dedicated line and the internet signal is not shared with others. On the other hand, broadband works on the mechanism of sharing available bandwidth between multiple subscribers. 

Symmetrical Speed

A broadband connection offers different speeds for downloads and uploads to strike an optimal balance on its bandwidth usage. But with a leased line connection, one can experience symmetrical speeds for both uploading and downloading. This ensures high-speed internet browsing.

High-Speed Internet

The best broadband in Bangalore would claim to deliver a speed of 100 Mbps. But the actual made available is much less. This further drops while uploading files. But with a leased line connection, speed varies between 1Mbps to as high as 10 Gbps depending upon the rental plans. This improves the browsing experience and increases productivity.

Point-to-Point Connection

You can have a point-to-point leased line connection which is more secure as a means of direct connectivity between two sites. On the other hand, as broadband caters to many subscribers, it is likely to be less secure and may get affected during peak traffic hours, leading to a drop in signal. 

No Latency And Buffering

Leased lines are backed by high-speed data transmission. Thus, there are fewer lags in data transmission which means low latency and buffering. This feature makes it perfect for activities like video conferencing, surveillance, voice-over IP, etc.

Service Level Agreement

A leased line connection is backed by a Service Level Agreements (SLA) that outlines the performance benchmarks the connection would offer. If the service fails to deliver as promised, the kind of compensation that the customer will receive is also mentioned. On the other hand, a broadband internet connection is sans any such agreement. 

Secure Connection

A leased line connection is more secure than a broadband connection because of the absence of third-party inclusions. Being a dedicated connection, the access to data transferred through the leased line is restricted. This cuts down the risk of any data breach and malicious cyberattack.

Permanent IP Address

Businesses that meet their internet needs through a dedicated leased line connection enjoy a permanent IP address on the web. This gives the business a unique identity on the web and keeps it better placed in terms of commercial internet services.

Guaranteed Uptime

Due to Service Level Agreement binding the leased line connection, internet service providers are bound to deliver the promised speed and guaranteed uptime. Failure to do so can attract legal action and have financial implications on them. Thus, a leased line customer invariably enjoys a symmetrical speed with industry-leading uptime. 


Leased line connections promise unlimited data usage. Furthermore, the ultrafast and symmetrical speed with guaranteed uptime; all features are inbuilt in the same plan. But if one wants to enjoy these features through a broadband connection, separate costs are involved for every added service. This makes the monthly broadband bill exceptionally high.

High Bandwidth Range

A leased line connection has a higher bandwidth range as compared to broadband connections. The higher the bandwidth, the higher will be the data transmitted over an internet connection per second. Furthermore, as broadband bandwidth is further divided among multiple users, it drops the internet browsing speed further.

Improved Cable Technology 

Leased line connections involve laying down high-quality fibre optic cables which allow signals to run at the speed of light. This makes the internet connection fast and reliable. On the other hand, broadband technology may use outdated copper wire technology which has numerous consequences.


Fibre broadband may appear to suffice the needs of an individual or small business enterprise. One also has the option to choose the best broadband in Bangalore based on requirements and budget. But, when it comes to medium and big business houses with high dependence on internet connectivity, a dedicated leased line connection is a must. The benefits of leased line connection over broadband are far and wide.


Is leased line connection safe?

Leased line connections are secure as they operate as a point-to-point service. As there is no third-part inclusion, the access to data transferred through the leased line is restricted. This safeguards data from malicious cyberattacks.

What is a Service Level Agreement in a leased line connection?

A Service Level Agreement is an agreement between the internet service provider and the customer. It outlines the key aspects of a leased line connection. This includes the internet speed and other performance benchmarks. It also enlists the penalty and the kind of compensation the customer will receive in case the terms of the agreement are breached. 

Is a leased line always active?

A leased line is a reserved and dedicated point-to-point circuit between the internet service provider and the business centre. It is always active and also assures high speed with guaranteed uptime. A leased line connection is supported by a Service Legal Agreement.

How leased line connections offer symmetrical speeds?

A broadband connection is used by multiple subscribers. To maintain an optimal balance between its bandwidth usage, different upload and download speeds are offered. But leased line connections do not share their bandwidth with multiple subscribers. Therefore symmetrical speeds are offered for both uploading and downloading activities.

What is the speed of the best broadband in Bangalore?

Best broadband in Bangalore can speed up to 1 Gbps.