Which is the best type of Slot Genre

A slot games genre can mean many things. It can be the type of slot game or it can refer to the slot theme or even casino site’s cascading reels and free spins.

What are the differences between all of these slot genres and what is the best type of slot genre?

Types of slot game

There are many different slot types out there on the web. Each one provides a different mechanic for the player. These include:

  •         Mega ways slots- these types of slot games randomize how many symbols are on the reels at any one time. That can increase the number of ways a player can win on the slot game
  •         Progressive Jackpot slots- this type of slot game is used to slowly build the player closer to one large jackpot, rather than lining up symbols for random multipliers.
  •         3, 5 or 7 reels slots- the amount of reels in a slot game basically dictates how easy it is to get a pay line. The more reels there are, the higher the chance a player will win a pay-out.
  •         Different RTP rates- RTP stands for a return to player. This is how often the slot game returns a prize to the player. Every slot game has a different RTP rate and the average for an online slot game sits around 96%.

With all of these different slot genres, which one should you be playing.

The best type of slot genre

Reading through all of these different slot genres, one of these types might jump out at you. That makes it the best type of slot genre for you. It all depends on what you want from a slot. If you want to win frequently, play a mega ways slot. Want to play something more akin to a video game? Then the progressive jackpot genre is more for you.

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A slot game genre is completely subjective. That leads me to the next type of slot genre.

Slot themes

Another way to distinguish between types of slot genre is the slot games theme. There are hundreds of slot themes out there and they range from:

  •         Sci-fi
  •         History
  •         Superheroes
  •         Sports
  •         Licensed Movie Tie ins
  •         Traditional Fruit Machines
  •         And so many more

These are just a few of the different slot themes that you will encounter when surfing through an online casino. The theme is more often than not just a coat of paint however there are some examples where you can glean the type of gameplay you will encounter from the theme. For example, a traditional fruit slot is more likely to have a lower hit rate and fewer bonus features than a sci-fi theme.

As with the slot type, a slots theme is completely subjective. The best one is whichever catches your eye.


We cannot answer the question, which is the best type of slot genre? All we can do is provide all of the different types of slot genre and let the player decide which of the hundreds of examples is right for them.

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