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Which Form Of Digital Marketing To Use: Wikipedia, SEO Or Social Media

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By John Wick

When we talk about marketing strategies, the first thing comes up to our mind is always digital marketing! As it is the most cherished way of marketing. People love the ease and convenience that comes with digital marketing. However, apart from the people businesses also love working with digital media as it provides the business with many benefits.

With the rise of competition in the digital world, it is very important for the companies to adopt the most effective and beneficial ways of marketing, either it is of any kind, it should satisfy the customers!

According to the experts and professionals, people ask them mostly about the SEO, social media, and Wikipedia and they reply with a very simple answer:

“We can tell you how to create a Wikipedia page for your company, how to implement SEO to your content and how to manage your business on social media, but, is everything suitable for your business?”

The reply often astonishes the people, they ponder which way to choose, and most of them decide to gradually move forward to platforms, as suggested by the experts!

The most used method for Digital marketing tends to be SEO as it works with most of the other ways of digital marketing. Considering the fact that every platform works with content indexed with keywords; you can use the right keywords on all your platforms and the SEO will help to boost all of them.

Moreover, Wikipedia has its own system of working. It works differently with keywords and has its own kind of keywords.

To understand the working of all three forms of digital marketing here is a quick, concise explanation for you, how it works! All three of these methods have different working but quite similar benefits. However, the right use of strategy with one method can dominate the others, and if they work in the alliance, they can create a huge impact on the overall growth and goodwill market position and identity.

As Wikipedia dominates all the other forms of SEO and forms of marketing here are the benefits that a Wikipedia page can provide for you or your business.

Benefits Of Wikipedia For Digital Marketing

  • It is a huge platform and has the qualities of an encyclopedia; it is known for providing valuable information. It dominates all the search engines, this is why people put their trust in businesses, which they find over Wikipedia and that is the ultimate benefit of Wikipedia.
  • It can provide your business with a prominent significance
  • It increases the prestige, authenticity, and credibility of the persona, brand or business
  • Provides you with an extra website that portrays your integrity
  • Increase your sales and demand significantly
  • Increases the visibility in most search results

Benefits Of Search Engine Optimization

SEO specifically works with content and keywords. It is the keyword, that can take your content anywhere, everywhere or nowhere! It is up to you in which direction, you want to send your business or content. It comes with amazing benefits.

  • Manages to be cost-effective
  • Takes less time to show results
  • Leads to better User Experience
  • Works as the primary source of leads
  • It brings higher close rates
  • It results in higher conversion stats
  • It encourages the users to visit the physical stores as well if any
  • It builds brand credibility
  • Establishes the brand awareness among other companies, market, and the audience
  • Makes your website mobile-friendly for users
  • It can be a long term strategy and help you for longer cycle
  • It gains you market share
  • Increases the following of your social media platforms
  • Increases the read and views of your content
  • Improves the speed of your website
  • Increase the website traffic
  • Takes you far ahead of the competition
  • It manages to work for all online platforms
  • Has unlimited capabilities
  • Works for both promotions and non-promotional content

Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

Social media has been a long existed platform where you reach out to your audience yourself! Unlike other methods, you either invite or fetch the audience to your platform.

  • It increases the inbound traffic
  • Improves the Search Engine Ranking
  • Provides higher conversion rates
  • Better B2B and B2C communication
  • Build great PR and collaborations
  • Increases brand awareness for the audience
  • Improves brand loyalty
  • Increases the brand authority
  • Tend to be the most cost-effective form of digital marketing
  • Allows personalized marketing
  • Encourages thought leadership
  • Helps you to gain market insights
  • Helps to know your audience before you cater to them

We have listed most of the benefits that each can provide for you or your business, now it’s up to you which one you prefer to choose!