When You Should Go For a Lightweight Small Laptop

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By Kaleem Ullah

Two of the newer considerations when buying a small laptop are its weight and size. This is the case because people are more aware of how these factors can actually affect their lives to a large extent.

Let us look at some of the reasons why people are opting for small, lightweight laptops.

1: On-the-go lifestyle: A lot more jobs include a few days of the week dedicated to ‘meeting rounds’. This is true whether one is in marketing, public relations, sales, client servicing or training, and across various sectors. If you find yourself sitting at your desk less and bouncing from meeting to meeting more, then a small laptop that is not a burden to carry around is advisable for you. One might argue that in the new normal, people are sticking with virtual meetings. However, with vaccination rounds already underway; it is highly possible that the world will return to the earlier normal before you need to replace your laptop once again.

2: Frequent travellers: If you tend to take a lot of flights, you will agree that the amount of time wasted in-flight and mulling around airports feels almost criminal, especially when you’re trying to meet impossible deadlines. A heavy laptop is best checked in. But a small laptop travels easily as part of your carry-on; allowing you to work while hanging about the boarding gate and offline during the flight.

3: When your office-sponsored machine is a dinosaur: If your office laptop is a big, heavy, bulky; slow machine, you can avoid frustration and the hassle of carrying it around by investing in your own small laptop.

4: When you’re constrained by a tight budget: If you are investing in a laptop because your office hasn’t assigned one to you, or because your work laptop is far too heavy, you might not be open to spending heavily on it, and might therefore want a laptop under 25,000 INR. You might simply also not have a very sizable budget, especially in these uncertain times, and might therefore want a laptop under 25000 INR. Your best shot at getting a good laptop under 25,000 INR is to go with brands like Lenovo, Acer, and iBall; which offer lightweight laptops that are also light on the pocket. Note that budget laptops that are small and lightweight will usually compromise on RAM, battery, or such features.

5: When you have a sizable budget: If you are looking for a high-performance machine that is also small and lightweight; you will probably be spending considerably more because the materials used to build these laptops are more expensive than the plastic-metal combo that most laptops use. Additionally, SSD storage, which increases the costs of your manufacturer; will usually associate with laptops in the 50,000 INR and above price segments.

6: Pain: Laptops have a long rap sheet when it comes to being the culprit for a lot of aches and pains. From neck pain to lower back pain, to pain in the chest area muscles, wrists, and shoulders; they’re finding new laptop weight-induced pain by the day. The cost for treating all of these aches and pains is usually pretty high; not to mention the fact that this kind of ailment damages the quality of one’s life. Invest in a small laptop to avoid the financial; and lifestyle hit that can come from lugging a heavy laptop around.

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