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When do you think is the right time to hire an employment attorney?

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By Kaleem Ullah

Even the most diligent employer can at times require the professional assistance of a lawyer. Though employers can tackle different employment issues on their own, there are a few particular issues that can get tricky and may need some legal help. 


Employment laws keep evolving every few days. Federal agencies, as well as courts, issue new opinions that interpret employment laws each day. There are even times when the entire law is changed as per what others thought it to be. When you factor in the lawsuits that are brought forth by previous employees that end in big losses against the employer, you may have to seek legal advice in order to win a situation.


The trick lies in determining the situations when you may have to rush to firms like Hayber, McKenna & Dinsmore. Keep reading to know more about the issues and tasks for which you will certainly have to bring in a lawyer. 


Seeking recommendations on employment decisions




Are you worried about the fact that an employee may sue you? If yes, an employment lawyer can help you before you fire an employee for performance issues, misconduct, and other behavior. Here are a few things when you might seek the help of a lawyer to cross-check your decision to fire employees:


  • The worker has an oral or written employment agreement that restricts your entitlement to fire
  • The employee should believe that he has an employment agreement that limits the employer’s right to fire
  • Firing an employee can drastically alter the demographics of the workplace
  • The employee has filed a complaint of harassment or discrimination
  • The employee hired a lawyer to represent him in dealing with you




Classification issues may even have an impact on a huge part of your workforce and make space for increased liability. Before you segregate someone as nonexempt or exempt or label a certain individual or a group of people, you should choose to seek the guidance of a lawyer. 




If a former employee or a present employee sues you, it is a smart decision to contact a lawyer. It can’t be denied that employment lawsuits are extremely complex and you need to take action instantly to ensure that rights are safeguarded. There is a specific and short span of time within which you have to take action. Remember to not cross that time as this will negate the entire lawsuit.




When you seek the help of a lawyer, he can troubleshoot and review all sorts of employment-related agreements that you use with your employees. These documents may include severance agreements, employment contracts, and releases. The lawyer checks the contracts to ensure that they have all necessary legal terms that are enforced by the court. 


So, if you have decided to get the help of a lawyer, the next step to take is to find a trustworthy one. Read some vital tips to know how to choose the best lawyer.