When are the Next EPL Matches?

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Are you anxiously waiting for the upcoming season of the English Premier League (EPL)? If you are, then you should watch out for some exciting fixtures. The EPL is among the biggest football leagues in the world. In addition to being hugely popular in England, it also has fans around the globe. That’s why it would be more exciting to watch your favorite match as you even make it more interesting by placing your bets. It can be great to explore W88 Link if you are looking for reputable gaming sites. This Asian sports betting platform offers you great odds on various sports matches once you use it. 

Now let’s get back to the EPL matches. When other English leagues were getting back into play after their winter breaks, the Premier League took a break and wasn’t in action from January 7-9. On the other hand, clubs from the Premier League continued to play.

The FA Cup third round has begun in England, and every Premier League and Championship team will play their first FA Cup match of the season this weekend. League play will be forced to pause because the whole top two tiers are slated to compete in the domestic cup competition.

On the other hand, Fans will not have to wait long for the next EPL game: A few rescheduled matches from December’s COVID-related postponements have resulted in the league resuming a few days earlier than intended.

Three Premier League matches will be rescheduled between Tuesday, January 11, and Wednesday, January 12. The weekend of January 14-16 will be followed by a complete Matchweek 22.

When are the next matches in the Premier League?

Following the FA Cup third-round action, which included 32 matches throughout England, the Premier League will once again take center stage, with numerous critical matchups at both ends of the table.

Three of the 17 matches that were postponed due to COVID-19 outbreaks among teams are back on the schedule. Following that, a full slate of games will be played over three weekend days, with the highlight being a big Manchester City vs. Chelsea matchup that has the potential to blow the title race wide open.

January 14, 2022

There will be a match between Brighton vs. Crystal Palace at 3 pm. These will be aired live on Fubo TV and USA Network Universo.

January 15, 2022

On this date, Manchester City will play with Chelsea at 7.30 am. Norwich will also have a match with Everton at 10 am. On this date, the Wolves will play against Southampton also at 10 am this will be aired on Peacock. 

On the other hand, Newcastle United will have a match with Watford at 10 am on this date, and it will be aired on fuboTV. At 12.30 pm on January 15, 2022, there will be another EPL match with Aston Villa vs. Man United.

Sunday, January 16

The West Ham vs. Leeds United will have a match on Sunday, January 16, starting from exactly This will also be streamed live on Peacock. Liverpool will also play together with Brentford at 9. a.m., and this will be live-streamed on FuboTV and USA Network, Telemundo. 

Other matches that will be live at 10 am are Wolves vs. Southampton, Newcastle United vs. Watford, and Burnley vs. Leicester City. Aston Villa vs. Man United will play on the same date but at 12.30 pm, and all these matches will be streamed on Peacock and FuboTV.

The wolves will also have a match with Southampton on January 15, not forgetting Leicester City VS. Burney. Crystal Palace will as well take the lead vs. Brighton on January 14. These are some of the top EPL matches you might be interested in following.