What’s new in the new Honda City?

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Honda Pakistan has formally introduced the sixth generation of the city after a long wait of 12 years. Honda Pakistan unveiled the sixth generation of its popular car City at a virtual event on Thursday after a long wait of 12 years.

The city’s fifth generation was introduced in 2009. In the years that followed, there were several fee lifts, but no major changes. 1.3 and 1.5-liter engines were introduced in this generation.

The price and features of the sixth generation Honda City has been rumored for a long time, but the company yesterday unveiled the new generation of City with full details.

Honda had started booking the car several months ago without showing it, which was also objected to. According to some media reports, thousands of vehicles had been booked before the launch.

The Honda City’s two engines 1.2 and 1.5 liters have a total of five variants. The City 1.2 liter engine has a manual transmission with a factory price of Rs 25,99,000 and a CVT of Rs 27,99,000. The 1.5 liter engine is also available in manual transmission ASpire 30,19,000, CVT 28,99,000 and ASpire CVT 34,74,000. The City’s fifth-generation 1.3-liter manual transmission is priced at Rs 24,49,000, while the 1.5-liter ASpire is priced at Rs 28,59,000.

Honda City’s fifth-generation had basic features, but in the recent past with the advent of B-segment vehicles such as the Proton Saga and Changan Elson, Honda has also introduced innovative features in a competitive atmosphere. These include smart entry, push start, automatic air conditioning, cruise control, driver seat height adjustment, electronic power steering, and more.

However, not all of these features will be in every variant.

You’ll also find LED DRLs, fog lamps, chrome door handles, instrument codes, and shark art antennas in the new Aspire, as well as the old Aspire, while the basic variants include steel codes and wheel caps, body-color door handles and Shark antennas will appear.

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You’ll find keyless entry and trunk openers in the 1.2-liter manual transmission, 1.2-liter CVT, and 1.5-liter CVT, while the 1.5-liter Aspire manual transmission and 1.5-liter Aspire CVT also has smart entry.

Eventually, Honda Introduced the airbags

Regardless of all these features, it is very important that Honda has finally introduced airbags for the first time in the city. Earlier, no variant of the City had an airbag, which has led to Honda being criticized for not caring about the safety of its customers.

Talking about the booking of these vehicles, the booking of the standard variant is being booked at Rs 10 lakh while two Aspire variants are being booked at Rs 12 lakh.

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