What Your Watch Says About You

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By Kaleem Ullah



The first thing that catches a person’s attention when looking at your wrist is your watch. If you’re wearing a Rolex, it screams, “I’m rich!” But if you’re wearing a plastic Swatch, it gives off a completely different vibe. So what does this tell us about the person wearing it?

From the earliest days of the wristwatch, it has been a status symbol. The watch was a luxury item that only the most elite could afford to wear back then. 

Over time, though, the watch became more accessible. It’s no longer a rare or expensive accessory—but despite this fact, your watch still speaks volumes about who you are and what you value. So if you’re on the hunt for a new watch, take some time to think about what kind of message you want to send with your choice. 

Here are some of the main messages that different types of watches convey.

If it has a big face and large numbers, you’re concerned with practicality, time management, and getting things done. 

If it has a small face and small numbers, you probably like being punctual but don’t consider it important to always be on time. You might even show up late for an appointment to say, “I’m running on my own time.” 

If your watch keeps perfect time, you are very exacting and want to know exactly what’s going on all the time. But, on the other hand, you probably also like things to happen when and how they are supposed to. 

If your watch is always losing time, you are more flexible in your approach to life, willing to go with the flow. You don’t necessarily need to know what time it is at any given moment. 

If your watch is decorated with diamonds and other jewels or modified, you probably like to tell people that money isn’t important to you, but appearances are everything. Were you thinking of modifying your watch now? Check out Seiko Yachtmaster Mod for references. 

You enjoy being on time. People with digital watches tend to be very punctual. They’re at their best when they have plenty of time to get things done, and they don’t like being late. 

You want a classic look. If you prefer analog watches, you tend to go for the classics. You’re probably into classic literature and old movies. You like tried-and-true things, which suits you because you’re pretty dependable. 

You value function over form. You like to keep it simple—no embellishments necessary! You want something that will get the job done without worrying about whether or not it matches your outfit each day. Those who wear nothing but a sports watch often lead active lifestyles and are practical in their choices and everyday life. 

You embrace every chance for self-expression. People who have multiple watches in their collection tend to be adventurous types who are open-minded and accepting of other people.

The watch you choose to wear says a lot about who you are. Will it say you’re trendy, fashionable, and well-to-do? Or will it proclaim that you’re somewhat of a snob behind the times and seemingly uncaring about trends? Regardless of your choice, remember that this is an important decision. Take some time today and ask yourself what my watch says about me? Decide wisely!

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William Ross is often described as a jack of all trades. He loves to explore new things and cultivate his knowledge everywhere he goes. These days, he spends most of his free time writing about watches and watch accessories, as he is a collector himself.